Music: GB Featuring Spacek - Simply So (Sa-Ra Remix) (Sound in Color)

Damn, I just can't get off that Sa-Ra tip. This is equal times smoove and sexy yet different from previous Sa-Ra joints which are a bit heavier on the electronics.

Bouncey bass and those sleepytime/ragtime horns... If that aint a combination already... add in one of my favorite vocalists ever... Mr. Steve Spacek.

GB Featuring Spacek - Simply So (Sa-Ra Remix)

Uuuuuuuunnnh!!! This is stand in the corner an sway with yo girl music... I said do the sway ya'll!!! - side to side. JeaauH!

*bit from Giles Worldwide.

Film: Eminem - Mosh (Video)

Never thought I'd post anything by Eminem but I guess he has something to say.

Eminem - Mosh (Video)

Directed by Ian Inaba.

Music: Cry On My Console - Superlangalang!

Here is a remix of sorts from the mashup maestro Console... Featuring the vocals of M.I.A. with the music from... umm.. Super Mario Brothers.

Cry On My Console - Superlangalang!

Dope, but the beat needs to be louder. Much better than that Cocoa Brovas joint from years back called Super Brooklyn.

Previously on *Adoru

Music: Doc Scott & MC Justice - Live @ Bluenote (1997)

Ahhh... yesss... those were the daze...

Here is a recording of Doc Scott and Justice Live at the Metalheadz night at Bluenote in '97. Right near the beginning of Drum and Bass' global takeover.

Doc Scott & Mc Justice @ Metalheadz Bluenote (1997)

01 Photek - "Aleph 1" [Science LP1]
02 DJ Die - "Special Treat" [V Recordings 021]
03 Dred Bass - "Technology" [Second Movement LP01]
04 Doc Scott - "Swarm" [Metalheadz Box Set]
05 ?
06 ?
07 ?
08 ?
09 Krust - "Soul in Motion" [Full Cycle 014]
10 ?
11 Adam F - "Circles" (Roni Size remix) [F-Jam 12FJ002]
12 Dillinja - "So Damn Tuff" [Test 001]
13 Sound of the Future - "Lost In New York" [New Identity 12006]
14 Microtek - "Anaconda" [Second Movement LP01]
15 Dillinja - "Acid Trak" [Pain KKR002]
16 ?
17 In-sync - "Covert Operations" [Penny Black LP001]
18 Krust - "True Stories" [Talkin' Loud 35]

More beats for your earhole at SWAG. Ill.

Music: Kleptones - Night at the Hip-Hopera

This is worth a listen...

Kleptones - Night at the Hip-Hopera

On they grey album massive mega remix tip. Nice.

Music: Sa-Ra & Lizz Fields - Live in San Francisco / Fresco


I came in expecting to be underwhelmed by Lizz Fields... but god damn... her live show is steps above her new album By Day By Night. Playing with a full band, the live versions of her tunes had 5x times more energy and she has a captivating stage presence... I could almost say she... stoled... the... show... from... sa... no i wont say it.

Lizz Fields is ill. I had no idea.

Her new album is very very very chill and just hasn't pulled me in... yet... but she gives off so much energy in her performance it is amazing. Very very very good. I will definately see her again.

So Sa-Ra... the reason I went... Dope. Not as well rehearsed as I expected (this is what? their 3rd, 4th show?) and is somewhere between P-Funk and... Prince? I don't know if it was a sound system problem or what but when everyone was singing... it just wasn't very clean sounding. and I was front and center.

Anyway... Here is an idea of what you missed...

Sa-Ra - Live in Session on Worldwide

And here is a great interview with Om'Mas and Taz from Sa-Ra at the Red Bull Music Academy...

Part 1 / Part 2

Very very good shit.

I had a chance to talk with all three of the Sa-Ra cats and was quite impressed. Very humble and totally down for the sound. Just like Spacek. If you can see em... SEE 'EM!!! Props to Fresco for the tickets and vinyl. Mad mad mad respect.

Film: Massive Attack - Special Forces (Video)

Here is the video for the Akufen remix of Massive Attack's Special Forces cut. Directed by Nick Knight.

Massive Attack - Special Forces (Video)

Music: Squarepusher - Live on Breezeblock

Here is Squarepusher doing a tear out set on Breezeblock.

Squarepusher - Live on Breezeblock (031604)

Recorded live in March of this year. Unfortunately, I don't have an exact tracklist, but the first 3 tunes are:

Squarepusher - Tundra 4
Squarepusher - Kill Robok
Squarepusher - Venus No.17 (Acid Mix)


Film: Mr. Wizard - The Legend of Speed

Here is a film from the Friends With You crew for the Nike Speed campaign.


Mr. Wizard - The Legend of Speed

Friends With You

Music: Mannie Fresh

Ladies and gentlemen, people with jobs, people without jobs, middle class, upper class, high class, cats, snakes, chickens, ducks, elderly people and twerkerz.

Mannie Fresh is back with a new solo album.

Mannie is easily one of hip hops most underrecognized producers. Formerly producing the entire Cash Money Records crew (Juvenile, Lil' Wayne, Big Tymers, B.G., and The Hot Boys) single handedly, when the sound of the south was at the top of the charts and Cash Money stole the crown from Master P.

In 1986, he started releasing Hip Hop and Miami Bass with Gregory D. After giving up his publishing rights and getting burnt he eventually went to work with Steve "Silk" Hurley in Chicago, producing house music while signed to RCA. Then finally towards the end of the 90s he hooked up with Baby...

And the rest is history... Mannie began churning out the hits that would help define the sound of the south and New Orleans Bounce: #1 Stunna, Back that Azz Up, Ha, Drop it Like it's Hot, I Got That Fire, Bling Bling, and on and on and on.

One of the things that differentiates Mannie from the rest of the clones, is that like Timbaland... most of his instrumentals can stand on their own... without MCs, they are still SONGS rather than BEATS.

Check the technique...

Mannie Fresh - Go DJ
Mannie Fresh - 400 Degreez
Mannie Fresh - Instrumental 3
Mannie Fresh - Still Fly
Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh - Throwdown

You just gotta love the absurdity of it all...

Mannie Fresh - Real Big (Video)

Art: Travis Millard / Kiel Johnson

Held in the terrific Obey Giant / Subliminal / 1269 Gallery space Travis Millard and Kiel Johnson had a great showing this past weekend.

Appropriately titled... Oooolathe which is the town (Olathe) in Kansas they are both from. The show was a collaboration between the two super artists… each with their own distinct style. The show had about 20 large pieces (3x4) which were pretty much completed over the course of the previous 2 weeks…

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the work at the actual show… yet, but here is some of Travis’ great stuff in the meantime…

Lif & Doom
Watson & Crick

Travis Millard


Unfortunately, Kiel doesn't have much work online... that I can find anyway.

Here is one lowly sample.

My favorite piece at the show was Kiel's work entitled "Old Executives Airport"... and unfortunately I can't describe in any way that will do it justice, think dumpsters, farm land, surveillance cameras and craggy lopsided architecture. Fantastic stuff! I WANT THAT PIECE... If only I wasn't so damn poor... (Methadone is expensive)


The Clean Prophets performed later in the evening and on until the free Miller's High Life (The champange of beers) ran dry...

It was a great show so check them out...

The Clean Prophets

Here is one of the songs I dug the most...

Clean Prophets - Tambourine Crown


A fantastic time lapse of the entire show as well as the creation of several pieces was captured by Theo Jemison and Arthur Moore of the indestructable LA collective... Indetermidable

They played the timelapse footage during the opening and it was great to see people huddled around the monitor watching the show being put together with the film shot only hours before.

The timelapse footage will be online soon... and I will post it soon after.

'cause it be dope.

Music: Dr. Dre / Truth Hurts

Released on Dre's own Aftermath label in 2002, I slept on Truth Hurts for quite a while, before I finally picked up her debut. Partially, because I couldn't stand the Hindi flavored lead single Addictive, which surprisingly... was produced by DJ Quick, whose production work (and MCing) I am usually really into.

Ironically, it was the recent news that Dre and Aftermath are getting sued for not clearing the sample that prompted me to pull the album back out this week.

Truthfully Speaking is a solid album. The sound falls somewhere between, Neo-Soul, average Radio R&B and Dre-Flavored R&B circa the Dre Presents... Aftermath album and his work with Hands On.

Truth Hurts Featuring Dr. Dre - Hollywood

I'm in Los Angeles tonight for some art shows... and to buy kicks. Updates Monday.

Music: Stereotyp - Fling Style

Here is why Stereotyp is the king of Austrian Dub...

Stereotyp Feat. Tikiman - Fling Style

From his 2002 album My Sound on Kruder & Dorfmeister's G-Stone imprint outta Vienna.

Art: Doug Chiang - Robota

Doug Chiang is the fantastic lead conceptual artist behind Star Wars: Episode I & II. Of course, both of those movies are wack, but they look good anyway.

After completing Episode II he turned the reins over and began working on his own pet project Robota, which is based on a concept from his childhood.

Robota Trailers

Initially conceived as an illustrated book (which is out now) and collaboration with writer Orson Scott Card, the initial trailers were created to promote the book. However, the idea continued to develop and it is now becoming a full length feature animation which is being executed by Sparx animation studio in France.

Music: Quasimoto / Madlib / Lootpack / De La Soul

Daaamn... more hip hop I just gotta post.

If you listened to Gilles Peterson Sunday night you witnessed the return of Lord Quas with Quasimoto's new joints Greenery & Rappcats played on Gilles' Worldwide show.

Quasimoto - Greenery / Quasimoto - Rappcats / Oh No - I Can't Help Myself

I must say Greenery is HOT! The beat is funkin' THICK.

Madlib's Quasimoto alter-ego debuted on Peanut Butter Wolf's - Style, Crews, Flows, Beats 12 inch... back in 1999 on Stones Throw Records. But the Lootpack jump off is still my favorite.

Lootpack - Quasimoto

Biting Sir Mix-A-Lot and the original highpitched hip hop alter-ego Kid Sensation.

Also, peep the new De La Soul single Shopping Bags... This is another HOT Madlib beat...

De La Soul - Shopping Bags (Video)

The new De La Soul album The Grind Date is out now. Cop that sh*t!

Film: Dizzee Rascal - Dream (Video) by Dougal Wilson

Here is the new video for UK MC Dizzee Rascal's song for da weee lads...

Dizzee Rascal - Dream (Video)

Directed by up and coming artist Dougal Wilson.

How you LUUUH DAT!?! Hilarious.

NOW, If you've been bumpin' his new album Showtime you'll notice this video version is much hyper... WHY? there is actually a BEAT! The album version doesn't have a kick, snare, nothin'... I want this funkin' version. The 808 kit is dope.

Music: Talib Kweli / Mary J. Blige - I Try

I'm not really feeling much on the new Kweli album The Beautiful Struggle. But I love the lead single featuring Mary J. Blige.

Mary J is one of my favorite vocalists EEEEZZZZY.

Peep the track.

Talib Kweli Feat. Mary J. Blige - I Try

Peep the video.

56k | 300k

Check the album.

Music: Medeski, Martin & Wood / The Dust Brothers

Jazz is not my forte, mainly because I haven't invested the time it takes to truly get your head into that world. I do like a great deal of it however, and Medeski, Martin & Wood are one of only a few Jazz artists I not only keep up with but actually go to their shows too.

So when I heard that Dust Brother John King was producing their new album, I was ecstatic. The Dust Brothers as you know, produced the now classic Beastie Boys album Paul's Boutique. Which was ahead of its time to say the least. They also scored The Fight Club, produced Beck's most popular album and Ummm.. Hanson.

Collaboration is nothing new with Medeski, Martin & Wood. They previously worked with RZA's engineer Scotty Hard on The Dropper album.

So. The new album End Of The World Party is here, and unfortunately, I am under whelmed. It is not bad, by any means. But the kind of Jazz fusion it delivers is just not moving me. Is it the guitars? I'm not sure. But I would prefer my Medeski, Martin & Wood jazz straight up rather than sparked with this kind of Dust.

Here is my favorite song from the album.

Medeski, Martin & Wood - Anonymous Skulls

The other stand out is the fantastic cut Toy Dancing which sounds more like Dust Brothers meets Money Mark meets Adrock's BS2000 project rather than anything Medeski Martin or Wood.

BS2000 - The Scrappy

Check it out the album and make up your own mind.

Music: Global Goon - Family Glue

Maaaan... Global Goon has released his 4th full length album entitled Family Glue.

This is easily Johnny Hawk's best most focused album to date and is now on my best of 2004 list.

Clocking in right around 37 minutes, Global Goon delivers an incredible album full of that Luke Vibert style goofy hippity hop happy funk that I love so much. Some say too much.

For this release he breaks from the Rephlex camp and releases on his own NEW imprint J-HOK Records.

Some of my favorites on Family Glue are the superb Who Gonched Who?, the rockish Glory 8 and the 303 (aceeed!) induced Keep Your Fare Down.

Global Goon - Electronstatic Bonj Delonge


Film: Howl's Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki

Here is a preview of Howl's Moving Castle - the new film from Hayao Miyazaki. It is supposedly being released sometime in November??? I can't wait.

Howl's Moving Castle (Extended Preview)

If you don't know by now, Miyazaki is responsible for Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro among others... Porco Rosso may be my favorite. If you can even have a favorite.

Music: Jay Z - The Black Album / 9th Wonder - Encore

I wasn't planing on posting anything about Jay Z anytime soon as I've been posting too much hip hop lately. BUT! Someone posted the entire black album... So...

Jay Z - The Black Album

This is far from a definitive Jay Z album... but there are definately some quality joints on here.

Actually, most of my favorite cuts aren't even on the album, they're bootlegs... like the 9th Wonder version of Encore.

That can be found on the 9th Wonder - Black is Back bootleg or officially on the S.Carter Remix CD... of course you have to buy a $100 pair of Jay Z's Reebok kicks to get it there...

Or not.

Jay Z - Encore (9th Wonder Remix)

I think the video captures the essessessence.

Jay Z - Encore (Video)

Music: Massive Attack - Live At Royal Albert Hall

Music: DJ Krush - Live in Moscow

For those who missed his Jaku tour... like me... This might make up for it...

DJ Krush - Live in Moscow - March 2003

Though, i must say watching Krush perform live is really amazing... if you haven't seen him before... DO.

Its not an incredibly exciting show... but your literally watching him create the cuts live. Break on one record melody / atmospherics on another through an FX box... mix gently... now you have raw abstract hip hop.

Film: Squarepusher - Go Plastic (Videos)

A couple years ago Warp Records had a competition for music fans to create a video for any track of the (then) new album 'Go Plastic'. An album I liked alright, but wasn't feeling it right away, as I wanted Tom Jenkinson to continue on with his inpeccable shredding of breakbeat rhythms. So I slept on it for a couple months after it was released. Then one night my homeboy brought the cd over and was like "DUUUDE!! you gotta hear this track on the squarepusher album!" and I was all like "get the fuck out of my house, Im trying to watch america's next top model". actually i said , "okay". so he puts on this chopped up minimal tune called 'Exploding Psychology' and... I GOT IT.

Still my favorite tune from the album... here is the spectacular yet minimal visualization that won the competition.

Squarepusher - The Exploding Psychology
by Kaspar Daugaard & Stefan Mylleager

Created using custom code written by Kaspar. - Thanks Lasse

Also check out their realtime effects tool - The Effekt Visual System.

More Go Plastic Videos

Music: DJ Wally

I guess listening to that new Krush album prompted me to dig out my old DJ Wally records again. Dunno, why. I like Wally, even his Drum and Bass / Jump Up alter-ego Pish Posh. but his downbeat stuff is often TOO abstract for my tastes... Like any music however its all about the right time right place, which is why I continue to cop his albums.

Dj Wally - Space People

So this is one of his less abstract cuts (from the album Genetic Flaw) mainly because the piano riff he is sampling actually has a melody. Believe or not, I heard it first on MTV's short lived electronic music video show AMP. Remember that show? Way way back in the day it came on at about 4am when you were 16 and cracked out after a night of underage partying?

Yeah, neither do I.

So anyway... this track had a video that always used to bug me out. It was obviously created by some rave graphics videographer who did it in their spare time. it consisted of stock footage of bugs and flowers and plants, blooming and wilting in forward, reverse, slow motion, ya know, that sort of thing.

Well, every time the cricket chirps in this song a little cricket would appear on the screen and chirp.

I used to bug out every time it happened.

Maybe you had to be there.

Music: Love Parade SF - After The After Parties

Dag! What a weekend...

Hit up the Fully Loaded / Sunset / Green Gorrilla partay this morning. Anthony Garlic and Galen rocked it and there was a super Electro Punk band upstairs named Protection that nobody seemed to know who they were but they were definately rockin'. I can't find anything about them online, unfortunately. Maybe Amoeba will have something.

It was too crowded but that was to be expected, I s'pose.

Same vibe... different DJ...

Fred Everything - Earplug Exclusive Mix Part 1

Music: Love Parade SF

I hit up the San Francisco version of Love Parade today.

It was cool, about 15,000 people turned out. Meager compared to the 1,000,000 in Berlin but it was the first year so I expect it will keep growing and growing.

San Francisco is the obvious place to throw it in the U.S. anyway.

Unfortunately, like at Burning Man, Hip Hop was not represented in any major way. There was House, Drum and Bass, Breaks, and LOTS of Progressive House (Trance), but no hip hop no rnb no idm no music with much "soul" with the exception of some of the stuff coming out of the Om / Sunset / Green Gorrilla systems.

Disappointing since, this is the easily the most musically diverse city in the country.

I don't diss trance like most music fans seem too as there is definately some good music in the genre (duh). Here is some... "progressive"

Ellen Allien - Sehnsucht

After parties here I come...

Music: DJ Krush - Jaku / Craig Armstrong - Piano Works

Well, Krush did a free performance here in SF this week.

I slept.

But I did cop his new album Jaku (tranquility). I wasn't sure I should since his last album strayed too far into abstract territory. Fortunately, this one doesn't. It is not jam hot, but it is much closer to the Krush style that I adore.

Here is the best example.

DJ Krush - Road to Nowhere

Honestly, this song is the perfect soundtrack to YET ANOTHER cold gray day in San Fran. This weather is absolutely killin' me.

Massive Attack colaborator and composer Craig Armstrong has released a new album of his piano works. Appropriately, titled... Piano Works.

This tune is simply fantastic...

Craig Armstrong - Fugue