The Strokes - You Only Live Once

Here is some new leaked bootlegged strokes shit...

The Strokes - You Only Live Once

Sounding a whole lot like The Cars...

Dope tune, dope beat, im feelin' this album more than the last. Blah blah blah blah.


Malcom Kipe - Off the Joint (Merck) 2005

Well I was going to post an old track by Syndrone… but I got a different Merck record today… the new Malcom Kipe…on the same Miami imprint Merck…

Merck is one of few IDM/Braindance/Experimental/Wutever labels that doesn’t get lost in the technology and releases SONGS, not just cats fuckin about with some plugins on a laptop, making tracks that go no where.

I’m talkin’ proper shit.

Malcom Kipe (Skyler McGlothlin) might be better known as Nautilis from Mu-ziq’s Planet Mu imprint. He’s a cat that I knew back in the day, in college, by way of the whole Denton, Texass laptop scene… I always felt him and another cat Unit3 were the top of the game out there. Still do. Well they’ve both moved on… Skylar now resides in Austin… and is still mad talented and diverse as all hell. Shit you should hear the tracks he never released…

its dudes like this where you curse the fact that it is so god damned hard to make a living making art thats off the mainstream radar… but that’s a whole ‘nother post altogether...

Anyway, here is a new jawn, from his latest album Lit, out on Merck Recordings. Cop that shit, before it is gone. This is some 2000 copies only shit.

Malcom Kipe - Off the Joint
from Lit (Merck037) 2005

Respect Bro.

Fatlip Feat. Shock G, Humpty Hump & Volume 10 - Freaky Pumps

New new new shit from Fatlip of Pharcyde fame… alongside some other freaks of the industry… Shock G & Humpty Hump of Digital Underground as well as Volume 10… this track comes from the brand new full length entitled The Loneliest Punk… (clever) on The Lab imprint. Production duties are handled by Fatlip… Edy Crahp, Mark the 45 King, Mike Floss, and even J-Sw!ft stopped smoking crack long enough to make a beat.

Fatlip Feat. Shock G & Humpty Hump - Freaky Pumps

The album is on point… cop that shit.

BONUS!!! Here is a short documentary and video Spike Jonze directed for What’s up Fatlip? back in 2K.

What’s Up Fatlip?