UFO! Live on Future Breaks fm!

Wicked wicked set from longtime US DNB hero UFO! droppin' lots and lots of his latest non dnb tunes. Ill ill shit. SF artist/vocalist Kimillian is on a couple of the joints.

UFO! Live on Future Breaks fm! (06/11/05) - iTUNES M4A

Evening “Wither & Bloom [UFO! remix]”
Your Red Notes
Morning Fear
Ampara y Fernando
All Lost All Gained
Dark City
Finna Get Paid
Reese Line Weaves ft. Kimillian
Cali Rollout
Chinese Girl

Zagu Zar / Damian Marley - Welcome to England

how bout some straight up bootleg shit... if you know where to cop this on vinyl please holla 'cause I can’t seem find it any fuckin' where…

So this mp3 comes from the new promo cd for The Big League Production cats and features a bunch of their latest/greatest reggae/dancehall cuts… this one being my favorite.

Zagu Zar – Welcome To England

If you don’t know…

Zagu Zar's Welcome To England is a remix of that Damian Marley jaawn Welcome To Jamrock

now you know…

Dope. Dope. There is also a rerub boot featuring the one the only B.I.G. R.I.P. floating around that is fiya! Booom! Heads up for both.


OH SHIIIT... I totally forgot. Tonight is the Fresco show at Mighty... The Stones Throw crew rolls through...

and check this...

JAY-DEE OF SLUM VILLAGE has been added to the bill!!! live and direct from Detroit rock city, JAY-DEE is gonna rock the MPC while Madlib plays drums... JAYLIB connects tonight at the STONES THROW TOUR

Stones Throw Tour 2005
J Dilla
Madlib / Quasimoto (DJing and on the Mic)
MED (on the Mic)
PBWolf (DJ)
J.Rocc (DJ)

San Francisco
Thursday, June 23 @ Mighty (119 Utah)
10pm - 4am / 21+

If you can't hit that or afford the cheap ticket... go see Madlib & MED do a short PA & signing at Amoeba on Haight @ 6PM and that shit is straight up muthafunkin' FREE.

You gotta love the Yay... Big up to Fresco.

Chiho Aoshima @ Blum & Poe

Chiho Aoshima and her twisted anime nymph art is some work I've been feeling for a while now. Chances are good that you've probably seen her work before in Giant Robot and elsewhere... but you probably have never gotten a chance to see it up close... especially her massive installations... well know ya can... at the superb Blum & Poe gallery in Los Angeles.

Chiho Aoshima @ Blum & Poe

Peep it out.

MJ Cole / The Wideboys / I Wayne / Piana

Okay reaaal quick... Here is a couple joints ive been bangin…

First up, some genteel Japanese idm by Naoko Sasaki out of Morioka, Japan. Naoka lays her fragile voice on top of guitars, small grimey distorted bass stabs and glitch. Quite a beautiful combination actually… from the album Snow Bird on Happy Music. Any fans of that Morr music flavor should absolutely peep this album.

Piana - Voice
from Snow Bird (Cubic Music/Happy) 2003

The Wideboys are some of my favorite UK Garage producers before Grime took over and I tuned out somewhat. I don’t keep up with it as much as I used too simply because not much comes out in that 1999 / year 2000 styleee of two step mixed with equal parts pop and bass… Some of my favorite producers in that style have all but disappeared… Dub Syndicate, Architechs, Bump and Flex… where the fuck did you go? Fortunately, MJ Cole, The Wideboys, Sunship and a new generation of MJ Cole offspring are still holding it down… Here is the new 12” on Prolific… Buy it. Play it.

MJ Cole & The Wideboys Feat. Vula - Nothing But Trouble (Wideboys Remix)
(Prolific Recordings UK) 2005

The banger of the week is a joint I’ve been (lazily) trying to track down for a minute… DJ Flight has been rinsing a drum and bass bootleg of it for months... which is an absolutely heavy heavy tune (and one of my favorites) in the dubwise stylee… I still don’t know who did that bootleg… anyway… the original vocal and sample are from I Wayne’s version flowing on top of the Father Jungle Rock Riddim which was produced by Patrick Henry and C Williamson on the Loyal Soldier imprint. FIYA!

I Wayne - Can't Satisfy Her
Loyal Soldier (2004)

Riddim good. You gwan go buy.

Andy Smith (Portishead) - Live on Breezeblock (2005)

Portishead DJ Andy Smith works some quality in this eclectic Breezeblock set. Live from Cardiff...

Andy Smith - Live on Breezeblock (2005)

Davy D - Oh Girl (Def Jam)
Cypress Hill - Insane In The Membrain (Ruff House)
Redman - I'm 4 Sum Asksion (Rush)
Sugarhill Gang - 8th Wonder (Sugarhill)
Spoonie G & the Treacherous - Love Rap (Enjoy)
45 King - The 900 Number (Dockor Beat)
The Whooliganz - Put your Hands Up (Positiva)
Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogie (De-Lite)
James Brown - Good Foot (Polydor)
The Mohawks - Give Me Some (Supreme)
Kool & The Gang - Let The Music Take Your Mind (De-Lite)
Crooklyn Clan - Crowd Motivator (AV8)
House Of Pain - Jump (XL Recordings)
Tom Jones - Hold On, I'm Coming (Decca)
The Superfreaks - 1990 Breakdown (Apeman)
Hiroshi & Kudo featuring DJ Milo - The Return Of The Original Artform (Major Force)
Mex.Nadabrahma - Nababrahma (Bluejuice)
Unknown - What's Going Off? (White Label)
Dynamo Productions - Busta Beats (Illicit Recordings)
Keb Darge - Funk Spectrum (BBE)
Jerry O - Soul Sister (White Wale)
Rolling Stones - Get Offa My Cloud (Decca)
The Winstens - Amen, Brother (Metromedia)

Aardvarck / RJ Valeo / Mint Condition / Teedra Moses

Dag! Yo! Okay Friday all ready… I’m strugglin’ just tryin’ to do one post a week. Shiat. Okay so its been grey in SF for a couple daze during what has otherwise been an incredibly sunny and warm past couple of weeks… so these picks are kinda on that vibe…

First up…

Aardvarck… 1/3 of Relaxo Abstracto the other two members being the ill Caron brothers… David and Sandor respectively. (They deserve a post of their own in the future… Sandor’s album Harmonica and Cross was absolutely dope. A gem I would’ve never found outside the Betalounge Record Club)… Aardvarck is equally ill. I have a couple 12s by him and mostly he represents on that minimal idm sort o tip…

This cut is one of my absolute favs and probably closest to the Glitch Hop format.

Aardvarck – Steps
from Find the Cow (Delsin) 2002

Gorgeous moody bassline shit from the Netherlands.

Cop it.

RJ Valeo’s album September was released back in 2003... His 6th… though the first one he actually released properly, the rest are very hard to find small distros that I’m still hoping he’ll repackage and release at some point.

Here is a bit of Valeo’s sonic bliss…

RJ Valeo – Saturday Afternoon
from September (Type) 2003

Type is John Xela’s label.

R&B… Teedra Moses' album Complex Simplicity has been around for about a year... I was never really feeling it... but the lead single… Be Your Girl has been unofficially remixed by UK producer Dodge… and his version is fuggin’ ridic! Unfortunately my efforts trying to track down the vinyl have been for not and I have all but given up trying. Dunno, if the label is going to give it a headnod and a proper release. Doubt it... Could happen, but its on some classic 90s rnb type o vibe. Anyway heads up for that… here is the original…

Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl
from Complex Simplicity (2004)

And the JIZOINT!!$%&(%$@*# of the week is from the new Mint Condition album… called Livin’ the Luxury Brown… and I AM feelin’ this one… there hasn’t really been much quality adult R&B coming out lately (The Mario album had a couple ill singles but the album was flat, same with Amerie), so this is a breath of fresh air. I’m definitely not into every track on this one, like I’ve said before some of these cats lose me at the bridge. But if your hungry for soul and R&B or just want to kick it with your girl and she’s tired of you playin’ that R.Kelly toss your salad cut… definitely peep it.

So THIS is my funkin joint… Love it. Love it.

Mint Condition – I’m Ready
from Livin’ the Luxury Brown (2005)

Filthy good.

Also, sidenote… if your in SF and into Drum and Bass… scratch that… I mean music… the Groundscore crew is reppin’ at The Haight Street Fair (Haight and Masonic) on Sunday… come down, get your drink on… throw your ‘bows… and dance in the sun. Ill be passed out by the bassbin.

Amir Thompson aka Questlove's Record Room

Questlove - drummer for the Roots and part of the Soulquarians production crew gives us a nice tour of his record room...

Watch It

I said God Dayuum...