Zagu Zar / Damian Marley - Welcome to England

how bout some straight up bootleg shit... if you know where to cop this on vinyl please holla 'cause I can’t seem find it any fuckin' where…

So this mp3 comes from the new promo cd for The Big League Production cats and features a bunch of their latest/greatest reggae/dancehall cuts… this one being my favorite.

Zagu Zar – Welcome To England

If you don’t know…

Zagu Zar's Welcome To England is a remix of that Damian Marley jaawn Welcome To Jamrock

now you know…

Dope. Dope. There is also a rerub boot featuring the one the only B.I.G. R.I.P. floating around that is fiya! Booom! Heads up for both.


OH SHIIIT... I totally forgot. Tonight is the Fresco show at Mighty... The Stones Throw crew rolls through...

and check this...

JAY-DEE OF SLUM VILLAGE has been added to the bill!!! live and direct from Detroit rock city, JAY-DEE is gonna rock the MPC while Madlib plays drums... JAYLIB connects tonight at the STONES THROW TOUR

Stones Throw Tour 2005
J Dilla
Madlib / Quasimoto (DJing and on the Mic)
MED (on the Mic)
PBWolf (DJ)
J.Rocc (DJ)

San Francisco
Thursday, June 23 @ Mighty (119 Utah)
10pm - 4am / 21+

If you can't hit that or afford the cheap ticket... go see Madlib & MED do a short PA & signing at Amoeba on Haight @ 6PM and that shit is straight up muthafunkin' FREE.

You gotta love the Yay... Big up to Fresco.


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