Sa-Ra / Heavy D / Kleer / Anthony Hamilton

Sa-Ra has released a new mixtape to wet our appetites for their forthcoming Ubiquity debut… Entitled 'Dark Matter & Pornography' you will find lots of names inside including 50 Cent (spitting over the agent orange beat) N*E*R*D, Jurassic 5, Roots Manuva, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Mitsu... so on and so forth...

The highlight for me personally is the return of the original overweight lover, the one and only Heavy D! The cut entitled I Can't Help The Way also features Anthony Hamilton who did the sexy and sorrowful soulful delight ‘bout Charlene and the hook on Jadakiss’ shave the Bush anthem ‘Why’. Oh and P.Diddy talks over it. Shit is H-O-muthafunkin-T.

Sa-Ra - I Can't Help The Way

The mixtape also includes a bunch of other rarities, remixes, and introludes… such as…

A 2CB Trip with Sa-Ra

On some Jan Hammer Miami Vice channneling shit... with an appropriate track title no less…

And my absolute favorite... Sa-Ra jizzam... the ill cover of Kleer's Tonight… Meshell Ndegeocello on the bass...

Kleer – Tonight (Sa-Ra Remix)

The Sa-Ra remix of Deep Inside of Your Love by Platinum Pied Pipers is on there too… Speaking of P!P!P! they is in San Francisco again this week… first at Amoeba on Haight at 6pm then at Mighty later on… thanks AGAIN to the Fresco crew...

Here are the details:

June 2 - this Thursday @ Mighty - 119 Utah

Platinum Pied Pipers (Ubiquity)
MED (Stones Throw)
DJ Hakobo (Fresco)

Cop the mixtape. Cop the fulllength. Go to the PPP show. See you there.

Also... for those that want to dig deeper... Shafiq from Sa-Ra has been answering a couple great threads on the Okayplayer messageboard here and here. Enjoy.


Blogger EJ said...

Sa-Ra is SO off the chain. Unstoppable. Thank you.

2:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Solid. Thanks

8:18 AM  
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