Bruce Wang - Back in the Cut

FINALLY... Here is a recording of the set I played at the OM night in San Francisco alongside Colossus and that other Dallas native JT Donaldson. All in all, it was a great night for those who made it out. Enjoy...

Bruce Wang - Back in the Cut

Jenny Monster - Ghrakzzha Mkahhahkyaa (2005)

Luke Vibert & BJ Cole - Swing Lite - Alright
from Stop the Panic (Cooking Vinyl) 2000

Tsutchie Feat. Masayuki Ishii - Sluckee Steel
from Thanks For Listening (Cutting Edge) 2002

DJ Mitsu the Beats – M.O.O.D. For Otis
from New Awakening (Planetgroove) 2003

Wolfgang Miot - Sous Les Tropiques (2005)

DJ Cam – The L
from Liquid Hip Hop (Inflamable) 2004

Colossus Feat. Delphi - Lil' Sally
from West Oaktown (OM Records) 2005

DJ Quik Feat. Sam Kininger - Quik's Groove 6
from Under Tha Influence (Ark 21) 2002

Christina Aguilera - Still Dirrty
from Back to Basics (2006)
produced by DJ Premier

Gang Starr - Work
from Full Clip (Virgin) 1999
produced by DJ Premier

I.G. Off And Hazadous - Hip Hop Till I Die
(Beyond Real) 2003
produced by DJ Spinna

Hi-Tek Feat. Common & Vinia Mojica - The Sun God
from Hi-Teknology (Rawkus) 2001

The Gift of Gab - To Know You
from Fourth Dimensional Rocketships Going Up (Quannum) 2004
produced by Jake One & Vitamin D

Fatlip - First Heat
from The Loneliest Punk (Delicious Vinyl) 2005
produced by Printz Board

Masta Ace - Beautiful
from A Long Hot Summer (M3 Records) 2004
produced by Koolade Croatia

The Strange Fruit Project - Luv Is
from Soul Travelin' (Octave) 2004
produced by Symbolyc One

A.Skillz & Krafty Kuts Feat. Obi and Real Elements - Give You That
from Tricka Technology (Finger Lickin) 2003

Wegotsoul - Stay Together (2005)

Krewcial - Reminisce
from 25/8 (BBE) 2004

Nicolay - I Am The Man Feat. Black Spade

i love that backpackin'... musick. i like it cause i use it.

Nicolay - I Am The Man Feat. Black Spade
from Here (BBE) 2006

Playin' at OM Lounge @ Wish on friday Oct. 27th in San Frandisco. Get dumb.

Legowelt - Conquestadores Extraterrestiales (Remix)

Blah blah blah. Here is some mo' shizzle...

Legowelt - Conquestadores Extraterrestiales (Remix)
We Still Kill The Old Way: The Double Double Cross (Viewlexx) 2002

Finley Quaye - It's Great When Were Together

Classic shizzle from oft Guy Called Gerald colaborator Finley Quaye. Love his voice. Takes me back in the day day.

Finley Quaye - It's Great When Were Together
from Maverick A Strike (1997)

dunanaanaa naa na nanaanaa naa na

Benny Sings - Twist You Around

Benny Sings - Twist You Around
from Champagne People (Sonar Kollectiv) 2005

This is a good friggin album... Cop some o dat Amsterdam soul...

N.A.S.T.Y. Crew - Girls Love Nasty

More hot shit from East London Grime crew N.A.S.T.Y. "Natural Artistic Sounds Touching You"... production by Blackjack aka Nasty Jack

N.A.S.T.Y. Crew - Girls Love Nasty

Total Science - Wasting Time Feat. Phonte and Darien Brockington

Although I dig the single Soul Patrol with MC Conrad A LOT. I wasn’t planing on coping their new album until I heard they were including some of their non-dnb hip hop/nu jazz productions...

The heavyweight is this one…

Total Science - Wasting Time Feat. Phonte and Darien Brockington
from Mars Needs... Total Science (C.I.A.) 2006

North Cackalacka stand up! Darien Brockington and Phonte (Little Brother) make the guest list on this number.

DJ Shadow - Enuff Feat. Q Tip & Lateef The Truth Speaker

I got my hands on a copy of the new DJ Shadow album which is about to drop and most of you are going to hate it.

Its about half hyphy yay area crunk bidnazzz and half Private Press...

DJ Shadow - Enuff Feat. Q Tip & Lateef The Truth Speaker

Some of my other favorites on the album are You Made It with Chris James of Stateless and the synth heavy durty durty cut with David Banner called Seein Thangs...

I gotta respect any artist not afraid to grow, explore and not bother to worry about alienating "fans". Some will fall along the way, but tastes change too ya know...

Jona - Someone Put The Light On (Claude VonStroke Fry Like An Eagle Mix)

Damn, I miss me some proper San Francisco house music bidnazzz... this east coast shizzle aint doin' it for me... here is a joint that was one of my favs during WMC back in March. I heard it a couple times around town including Justin Martin's set during Buzzin' Fly... This and that Papa Chango (Justin's track) were definately two of the highlights.

Jona - Someone Put The Light On (Claude VonStroke Fry Like An Eagle Mix)
from Claude VonStroke - Miami Bombs (Promo)

Giddy up Horsaay...

A Forest Mighty Black - Everything (Freakniks Remix)

Oldie AND Goodie on Compost of course...

A Forest Mighty Black - Everything (Freakniks Remix)
from Mellowdramatic Remixed (Compost Records) 1999

Coki - Officer

Daayum... just got a car FINALLY so Im trying to blow up my stock speakers like ASAP...

Ya know that means I got the dubby bassbin science on heavy rewind... Kode9's Dubstep Allstars Volume 3 mix, Plastician's May 2006 mix and Skreamizm Volume 1 have all been competing in the great Woofer Destruct Challenge of 2019.

So far its neck and neck... Ill keep you up to date... but I think their about to crack under the bassbin pressure...

In the meantime lets revist a 2004 classic... on D M Zed Oh? Four! One half of the Digital Mystikz clique...

Coki - Officer (DMZ004) 2004


Eliot Lipp - Brand New

More hot shit from the city of angels and Hefty Records...

Eliot Lipp - Brand New
from Tacoma Mockingbird (Hefty) 2006

Buy the album.

Octave One - I Believe (Magic Juan Mix)


Best show in Miami since I got here. And certainly the only show with a vibe to remind me how we do back in SF.

on to some New York shit... heard this on the radio on July 4th before i was about to go get my "horray for america!" on, which obviously requires digesting large quantities of scotch in a short amount of time.

Octave One - I Believe (Magic Juan Mix) (Transmat) 1990

'Nuff Respect Milesy.

Spank Rock - Backyard Betty

Picked up a bunch of new musick in New York over the last week... Share it with you in a bit... But first...

Spank Rock - Backyard Betty
from YoYoYoYoYo (Big Dada) 2006

Spank Rock - Backyard Betty (Video)

Spank Rock plays Poplife tonight...

The District
35 NE 40th St., Miami

See you there.

Border Crossing - More To Life (Ominous)

Back from NY.

Border Crossing - More To Life (Ominous)
from 0minous (RG Records) 2003

Mas musica...

Justin Boyd - You Can't Reach Home Without Touching All The Bases

YO im in NY this week and next for some R&R and all I really want is to hear some dubby bidnazzz on a proper soundsystem. Somebody shout at me... Whats the haps!? parties, shows, your moms house... wherever shits poppin'. If its good musick, i wanna know. hola back! ->

Diggerz scienz... from my old Texass homeboy holdin' it down in San Antonio... REEESPECT! Wish I coulda made the party in May.

jboyd - You Can't Reach Home Without Touching All The Bases

1. The Orb-Slvg Dvb
2. Trash Aesthetic-Pavonia Mix
3. Mad Professor v. Massive Attack-Bumper Ball Dub (Karmacoma)
4. Sabres of Paradise-Duke of Earlsfield
5. Benga-Zombie Jig
6. Mala-Ancient Memories Skream remix
7. Loefah-Truly Dread
8. Digital Mystikz- Anti War Dub
9. Jaydee-Plastic Dreams
10. Toasty-Angel
11. Chapterhouse-We Are the Beautiful (spooky’s extravaganja dub mix)
12. Scuba-Twista
13. Skream-Lightning
14. Underworld-Pearls Girl
15. Digital Mystikz-Neverland
16. D1-Identify
17. µ-ziq-Iesope

Special Bonus!!! More brock out madnez...
Skream / Mala / Chef - Live on Rinse FM (April 11, 2006)

Skream - Summer Dreams
Benga - Blues (Crazy D Vocal)
Skream - Rottan
Hijak - Nightmares
Skream - Blue Eyes
Skream - Irie
Quest - Hardfood
Skream - Dutch Flowers
Quest - Mirage
Benga - Electro Music
Mala - Jah Power Dub
Mala - 10 Dread Commandments Vip
Coki - Mad Head
Benga - Zombie Jig
Skream - Music To Make U Stagger
Skream - Deep Concentration
Coki - Shattered
Coki - Thief In The Night
Skream - Request Line (Mala Remix)
Skream - ???
Skream - I (Loefah Mix)
Mala - 151 Dub
Mala - Anti War Dub (Version)
Mala - Anti War Dub
Loefah - Horror Show
Skream - 0800 Dub
Skream - Colorfull
Skream - Tune In 'A Dub Tribute'
Mala - Learn
Coki - All Of A Sudden
Skream - Skippah
Dmz - Ancient Memories
Ironsoul - Kalawanji
Skream - Blipstream
Mala - Left Foot Out
Mala - Blue Note
Dmz - Haunted
Dmz - Haunted**
Skream - Untitled
Skream - The Dark Side Of Life
Distance - Minstrel
Loefah - Left Right Left
Mala - ???
Dmz - Ancient Memories (Skream Mix)
Benga - Amnesia
Skream - Assumptions (Remix)
Skream - Me Love It
Coki - Earth Run Red
Mala - Misty Winter
Skream - ???
Skream & Hijak - Babylon Time Warp

Bomb The Bass Feat. Spikey T - Dark Heart

Still diggin'.

Bomb The Bass Feat. Spikey T - Dark Heart
from Clear (4th & Broadway) 1995

Super Cat - Dolly My Baby

I was loungin' on the beach the other day smokin' a spliff and got to talking to cats about music and it ends up being some local djs doing a proper new wednesday night at Buck15... all roots all reggae all night. Yeauh! Wednesdays in South Beach. Be there.

Summertime vibes inside.

Super Cat - Dolly My Baby

JSTAR - XFM Rinse Mix

Reggae, Hip Hop, Bashment, Mash Up Don... JSTAR did this mix on XFM digital radio a while back... it is absolute... FIYA.

JSTAR - XFM Rinse Mix


Disco D - PROHIPHOP Mixtape Vol. 1 - A Copa É Nossa

New Shizzle highlighting Brasilia Hip hop featuring a ton of D's productions for Braza from Sao Paulo... Dope. Download it.

PROHIPHOP Mixtape Vol. 1 "A Copa É Nossa"
Mixed by Disco D

01. O Campeão Ta Aqui C4
02. A Copa É Nossa C4 (prod. Disco D)
03. Tomar No.../Quer Dinheiro? C4, DG e Sandrão
04. Quero Hoje Super Flá e Mr. Catra (prod. Disco D)
05. 5 Coisas Thaide e C4 (prod. Mr. Bomba)
06. Joga Bonito C4 (prod. Disco D)
07. Sempre Alerta C4 e Da Bandit (prod. DJ King)
08. Pele Chocolate Jason Salles (prod. Ricky Dub)
09. What You Know About It? Braza (prod. Disco D)
10. Boom Bap C4 (prod. Disco D)
11. Nossa Sinfonia C4 e Rappin Hood (prod. Ricky Dub)
12. Play The Game Super Flá, Luana e C4 (prod. Disco D)
13. Deixa Rolar C4, Da Bandit e Vic (prod. DJ King)
14. Sem Stress C4 (prod. Visio)
15. Cidade de Deus C4, Aori e Nelboy (prod. Disco D)
16. Lei Da Vida Braza (prod. Disco D)
17. Gringo Louco Live MPC / Son do Braza (prod. Disco D)
18. Braza Bang Braza (prod. Disco D)
19. Gringo Louco Live MPC / Me Da Mr. Shock (prod. Disco D)
20. Cobra Cega Mr. Catra (prod. Disco D)
21. A Caminho da Guerra Fex, DG, Eazy Kaos, P. Rima, Erick 12, C4, B. Dog, Sooblime e Xandão (prod. Erick 12)
22. Maria Gasolina C4
23. Estalando Minha Gola C4 e DG
24. Time PRO P. Rima, DG e C4
25. Som da Rua (original) C4 (prod. DJ Cia)
Bônus: Senhorita (remix) Braza (prod. DJ Hum)

Decoder - Hacked

After this last trip to SF I picked up the rest of my music collectionmy; last pieces of vinyl and cds and brought it all back home to Miami. So this past weekend I did some digging through tracks and tapes some of which I haven't heard in 10 years...

Decoder - Hacked
from Dissected (Hardleaders) 1998

Released in 98 when jazz influenced dnb was in its prime and Roni Size and EZ Rollers were 0wning my earholes... Dissected is a gem and is still one my favorite DnB albums... (he even coproduced another Jazz n Bass classic... Peshay’s Miles From Home) Not only is Dissected a cohesive artist album but it also trades the usual bass synths for sampled guitar licks. Something which, well just doesnt happen much anymore. Decoder along with Substance and vocalist Sian Evans went on to form Kosheen and has since released 2 albums (the first one is DOOOPE...) to some commercial success... Pick that up.

Hacked is the only non-dnb track on Dissected.


The Plastician - May 2006 Mix

MORE heavyweight burners from one of dubsteps greats... The Plastician (Formerly Plasticman)... Been feelin' dis Japan tune for a minute now...

The Plastician - May 2006 Mix


Watch yur bassbins.

Slu Dem - Grime (Plastician intro)
Plastician - Vio-Lent
Plastician - Japan
Plastician - Shallow Grave 2005
Rossi B & Luca - Nobody Knows
Benga - Still Rockin
Skream - 0800
Plastician - Hocus Pocus
Geeneus - Dark Boy
Terror Danjah - Top Producer Remix
Spyro - Gem
Imperial - X Files
Jammer - Shangooli
Digital Mystikz - Shattered
Wiley - Gangsterz
Geeneus - Parasite 2006
Triple Threat f/ Various - No Respect
Terror Danjah - Untitled
Scratchy - Shangooli (Wiley Remix)

Voom Voom - Urwald Song

This isnt really representative of most of their work...

Voom Voom - Urwald Song
from Peng Peng (k7) 2006

but it just might be my favorite song on the new album.

You know im a sucker for that outerspace sci-fi ISH.

Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man (Produced by DJ Premier)

Ahh.. here it be... the first leaked track from the new colaboration from DJ Premier and... wait for it... wait for it... Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man
Produced by DJ Premier

Hahaha... You love it.

sum uptempo shizzle.

Justin Martin & Sammy D Feat. Fernando Rivera - The Legend of Papa Chango

Well here is another Yay Area post...

Talked to Justin Martin (Buzzin’ Fly) at the Andy Caldwell release party at Darkroom. WHAT A SHITHOLE VENUE. Its like The Top but with crappier sound a larger space and less shit and piss on the floor. Totally the kind of place I want to listen to great music in. Ugh.

Anyway. Before I moved to SF Sammy D was telling me about a track they just finished and were debuting at WMC… but never heard anything else about it. Maybe, Justin played it at Buzzin’ Fly. I don’t remember much about that week. Anyway… Its been rinsed out nearly every week at Aquabooty since then… and I love it and everyone loves it. Even my mom loves it. Then again, shes really into Yanni, tambien.

Its even got that damn bird sound that you used to always hear in the early Good Looking stuff.

Justin Martin & Sammy D Feat. Fernando Rivera - The Legend Of Papa Chango

Good shiz. Love the pads.

One Self is playing at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday… don’t miss this show… Its DJ Vadim’s new crew featuring hecka talented MC… Yarah Bravo. She will fit right in here in Cloud City.

Tonight BOCA with J Boogie / Rueben (Browntempo)… Yam Who? @ Pink later.

Let the debauched Memorial Celebration begin.


Anthony B - Raid Di Barn

Went to a bbq at Oasis in Oakland on saturday... wait?! where was the bbq? there wasnt any bbq there? Anyway, Rueben (Browntempo) played and a bunch of other cats. Mostly, hip hop (the non-miami "real" kind), R&B, soul, dancehall, reggae, etc... proper Bay Area music, complimented by proper East Bay women with "boomin' systems".

Sunday, the music was just as good at Milk (back back back again) at my old weekly neighborhood stomping ground. Ras Cue, Tom Thump and some other white people represented.

Anyway here is one of the jawns I trainspotted in Oaktown.

Anthony B - Raid Di Barn
from Real Revolutionary (1996)

Produced by Richard "Bello" Bell.

Friday I played OM @ Wish then hit the Domu (Bugz in the Attic) @ Fresco and the A-Track "Sunglasses is a Must" tour at some small as fuck new hole in the wall club in SOMA. I dug the show... he wasnt wearing sunglasses. What kinda false advertising bullshit is that?

Tommorrow, Vodka, Lance Desardi, Vodka, Justin Martin, Vodka, Vodka, Andy Caldwell and Vodka.


Too Short - Blow the Whistle

Back in San Frandisco... finally... GOD DAMN its been too FUCKIN long... and I had all but forgotten how Oakland girls got so much ass...

Too Short - Blow the Whistle
produced by Lil' Jon

Whats my favorite word!??


Damn right.

Hefty Records mixed by edIT

The Pizzle, the Dizzle and the Shizzle... G's to the bizzack, now ladies here we gizzo...

Hefty Records mixed by edIT

Hell yes... edIT outta LA... the cat who did one of my favorite albums in 2004... brings you the best in funky azz glitchy shit...

e40 and T-Pain amongst others get the low-fied fuck up.

Buy something.

Hefty Records

Pete Philly & Perquisite - Mindstate

Pete Philly & Perquisite - Mindstate
from Mindstate (Unexpected Records) 2005

Produced by Perquisite

Remixes out by Nicolay... apparently the Netherlands got so much soul.

Buy the album.

La Caution - Changer D'Air (Instrumental)

La Caution - Changer D'Air (Instrumental)
from Asphalte Hurlante Instrumentals (Kerozen) 2002

Produced by Nikkfurie