The Pixes - Live at Coachella

Well, I finally got a copy of the only show I really cared about at this years Coachella Festival, which is outside of Palm Springs. Unfortunately, last year was more overrun by teenagers than angry drunks... so i didn't go.


Anyway, here was the best reason to make the trek... and Debaser is still the illest.

The Pixes - Live at Coachella 2004

01. Bone Machine
02. U-Mass
03. Isla De Encanta
04. Wave of Mutilation
05. Broken Face
06. Cactus
07. Caribou
08. No. 13 Baby
09. Gouge Away
10. Tame
11. Monkey Gone To Heaven
12. Debaser
13. Velouria
14. Hey
15. Gigantic
16. Nimrod's Son
17. Here Comes Your Man
18. Vamos
19. In Heaven-Where Is My Mind
20. Into The White

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Art: Matt Clark (Manbaby)

Here are some of artist/designer Matt Clark's new pieces.

I like THIS ONE the mostest.

Film: Rupert Sanders - The Great Return (Nike)

Rupert Sanders delivered this interesting spot for Nike which simulates the camera moves on Football video games like Madden. They have the actor running behind a special multi-camera rig of some sort. Visual effects by Method Studios.

Rupert Sanders - The Great Return

Film: Batman Begins

Well... its directed by Chris Nolan (Memento, Insomnia) staring Christian Bale (American Psycho) so it can't be all that bad... can it?

The Batsuit

The Batrailer

Sean Paul: Punky en Espanol

This is my favorite jam off the Dutty Rock album, the other being "Still in Love".

Sean Paul - Punky (Espanol)

Film: Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

Here is the trailer for the film.

It looks like like they did the blending of 2D and 3D the RIGHT way. It is directed by Mamoru Oshii who directed the original along with several other films I love. He has set the bar rather high.

I think when your average movie fan thinks of Anime they probably think of Ghost in the Shell first then Akira or Ninja Scroll. That is a lot to live up to in this sequel. I hope it exceeds my expectations.

Film: Shin Gi Tai by Unkle & Futura 2000

The Unkle blog has a short film by NY Graf Artist Futura 2000 and Unkle up. Looks like a video game.

Unkle & Futura 2000 - Shin Gi Tai 27Mb

The Unkle Blog

Film: Mach

Hmmm... The fight scenes look pretty HARD.

Trailer Website

Art: Istvan Banyai

One of my favorite illustrators... The oft-replicated but never duplicated Hungarian Istvan Banyai.

Exhibit A: Istvan Banyai

Exhibit B: Kozyndan (Los Angeles)

Sa-Ra Creative Partners...

God damn... Sa-Ra is killin' it... I got my sweaty palms on a little bootleg album... (Thanks... Big Steelo). The LA/NY based soul shakin' producers are currently working with Dre, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Bilal, Heavy D, Res, Pete Rock, and Pharoahe Monch. The new N*E*R*D (Neptunes) jump off "Maybe" is to be remixed by them as well. Good cause the original is weak.

Here is some of that hot sh*t makin' me bounce.

Sa-Ra - Unknown

Got Damn!

The Roots - Tipping Point

I finally picked the new Roots album... Its tight of course... much better than the last. Even more grown up than any of the previous albums. From the interviews and the lead single I figured they were specifically coming on a mainstream tip this album. But its still way too advanced for (KSiMP) Simpletons radio...

My favorite joint is probably that "Somebody's Gotta Do It" shit. But Im still on that Neo Soul ish.

"Stay Cool" is sick... but dammit! i want those old school psychedelic keys to shine through! This track could of come like one of those Common ELECTRIC CIRCUS classics! Which is an incredible progressive album. But instead leaves those keys to wallow in the background.

The lead single, Don't Say Nuthin' is plain HARD. On some raw night creepin' shit. Why have I not heard it on the radio? They play that Mobb Deep joint. Its the same vibe, but without the wack LYRICS. Why?!

The Roots - Duck Down

And Why?! are people okay with being censored. That new Jadakiss joint... called Why!?!? is censored on MTV BET and the RADIO... and what lyric did they censor????

"Why did Bush knock down the towers..."

Art: Yoshitomo Nara at SJMA

Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara is showing at the San Jose Museum of Art Sunday, July 25, 2004 through Sunday, October 31, 2004. Nara's combination of Pop and Anime influenced work has a cult following here and abroad. I am going to check the show out when I get back home to San Francisco.

Art: Tall Buildings Exhibit at the MoMA NYC

I so want to check out this exhibit at the MoMA in NY.

I [heart] glass and steel. Also, check this:

Art: Syd Mead's Design for the New WTC

Syd Mead is one of my favorite illustrators of all time. He is, perhaps, most famous for designing the cars in Blade Runner. Well here is his insane vision for the new World Trade Center in NY.


Music: The Bruce Wang Radio Show

Here is a project I did as my alter-ego Bruce Wang. I created a mix every two weeks or so for a year. It was taking up too much time to continue... but a ton of my favorite tunes get rinsed. Unfortunately, I didn't get to every genre I am into... like all of them. You can still hear me play out in San Francisco from time to time...

The Bruce Wang Radio Show

This show in particular has lots of dope hip hop inside... Roots, Pete Rock, Pharcyde... Check it...

The Bruce Wang Radio Show - 08.12.01

No I don't speak Japanese.

David Cross - It Ain't Funny

I never dug the Mr. Show stuff, but David Cross' stand up is hillarious, especially when he harpoons politics and religion. Check it out.

David Cross - If Baseballs Had Aids On Them.mp3

!!! (chikchikchik) – Louden up Now (Warp)

Yo!!! its all about Shitscheissemerde (Part 2) on this one!!! This album is tighter than the last which had some definite jam band moments!!! !!! is now on WARP!!! !!! is great!!!

Film: David Fincher's Nike Spot

Here is the Nike "Gamebreakers" spot directed by David Fincher of Seven, Fight Club, Panic Room, Game, Alien3 fame... The whole spot is computer generated. Visual effects by Digital Domain of Titanic, Xmen, Armageddon fame...

Zero 7 feat. MF Doom - Somersault (Danger Mouse Remix)

Here is the ill Danger Mouse remix of Zero 7... featuring the rawest of raw... MF Doom aka Zevlove X aka Metal Face aka Metal Fingers aka King Geedorah aka Viktor Vaughn.

Zero 7 feat. MF Doom - Somersault (Danger Mouse Remix)

If your one of about five people who haven't heard the Jay Z / Danger Mouse / Beetles album... peep it too...

Dallas House Music

As I have been working in Dallas, Texas for the past month... here is some of dat sexy soulful Dallas house musick from local house producer extraordinaire... FACE.

FACE – 4 You - from WMC 2003.

Unbeknownst to many including those that live here... Dallas has given birth to a surprisingly large amount of house talent over the years from Demarkus Lewis, Lance Desardi, JT Donaldson, and CPEN to Brett Johnson to Cle... etc... etc...

Film: Casshern
This is video director Kazuaki Kiriya's debut feature film. It LOOKS
fabulous. but we will see about the story. Already out in Japan.

Mylo – Destroy Rock and Roll (Breastfed)

This shit is gonna be on my Best Albums of 2004 list. Superb. In My Arms is fucking gorgeous, rolling through at a chill 115bpm then those wide stereo synths come about halfway through. Also, pick up the 12 inch for Paris Four Hundred. This has 2 additional 4/4 bangers not on the album. Mutherfunkers drop the pressure. Buy this. Buy this.

Calla - Insound Tour Support Series #22 / Calla – Scavenger

that guitar music that makes you want to shoot up or slice your wrists, junkie rock! Yes that’s whats im into. Oh! Speaking of junkies… the new Vincent Gallo movie Brown Bunny.. has a great minimal soundtrack by John Frusicante of . I would totally play the “Dying Song” when im dying. Like totally. Its beautiful and sad. Like singing through gritted teeth. Squarepusher covers Love Will Tear Us Apart

Global Communication – Remotion / Global Communication - Pentamerous Metamorphosis

I accidentally od’ on some foodstuffs fortified with some of that Killa Cali Chronic and the only thing pulling my mind off the ceiling was Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. Gah, I need to buy more of their shit. They are so f*ckin’ diverse with the production chops to back it up. Don’t forget Mark’s Harmonic 33 and Troubleman projects… YEEAAAUH! I am an ambient music fiend, but its hard to find much good shit these daze. Fortunately, I am still discovering shit I slept on. Is middleton still doing that radio show in the UK? I need to seek it out.

The De La Mixtape (De La Soul Remixes Rarities and Classics 2004)

Okay this is hot. The Spinna remix is on here. So is a sick rework of Itz Soweezee (Hot) as well as magic number. Piles And Piles Of Demo Tapes Bi-Da Miles is a dope instrumental cut. Flutey. I wish there was more shit on here I hadn’t heard before.

Tiga - Pleasure from the Bass (Difference)

Dang duuude, this is one of those 4/4 bangers you can’t funkin’ deny. Wikkid simple and makes your asshole wiggle. And the chicks dig it. I mean ladies... Still confused by the Tiga/Nelly cover on Tiga's DJ Kicks! Im outta my seat when this is played out.

The Mercedes Benz Mixtape...

Lloyd Banks – On Fire

G-G-G-G-... Aahahaahahaha yeauuuh!
Okay there is something you should know... I listen to any and every fuckin thang at least once... there is no BAD MUSICK... But there is music Im not necessarilly feelin' at the moment... If its on MTV 50 times a day or if its grimey underground 500 pressings club shit. If I like it I'm gonna bang it.
Weeell, I LIKE THIS RIGHT HURRAH. this is THE BANGER of the moment. The last ten seconds! The last ten seconds! No vocals, the kick drops out and its just a muffled beat with synth stabs and the piano solo rollin’. That is the part of the turn that kills. This beat is hot. I can’t believe Eminem produced it. I haven’t liked any of Em’s beats. Lloyd is 21? Well hopefully he’ll realize there is more to life than Money Cash Hoes. Oh wait... Is there?

Beastie Boys - To the 5 Boroughs (Capitol)

Damn dude, have I grown up or something?
God damn the bboys are on some wack ass 8th grade rhyme style bullshit. Their flows bite. Some of these tunes I listen to and fuckin cringe. Have they always been like this? Were their flows on Check Your Head this weak? I dunno. Fuckin disappointing.
Though, I pretty much gave up on them after I saw them at coachello a year ago, and they were on this politically correct please don’t mosh and hurt yourself bullshit tip. Fuckin wack. Your rhymes are killin me… killing me.
HOWEVER. There are some hot beats on this biaaaytch. That's it That's All is BANGIN’! And the Shazam! beat is hot. fuck this album... I want the instrumentals.
Ratatat needs to remix the bboys album. Give it that raw distorted guitar treatment. speaking of Ratatat… pick up the bootleg remix of Really Really Hot by Missy. Now THAT is sickified.

N*E*R*D feat Common De La Soul & Q-Tip – She Wants To Move (Remix)

Same instrumental. New flows from Pharell and guest. Big improvement for the best song on a mediocre album.

Girl I'll House You.

Film: THX 1138 Re-Release

Here is the trailer for the THX 1138 Re-Release. George Lucas gave it the "Special" Edition treatment again. Dunno, what I think about that, but I like the new visual effects.


About the New Effects

Nas - Theif's Theme

This video is grimey...
NYC RAW... on that 99 Problems tip...

Wagon Christ - Sorry I Make You Lush (Rephlex)

Mr. Luke Vibert can do no wrong in my book. This is kinda an extension of his Acid House revival album on Rephlex minus the 4x4 riddims. Tight. Tight. TIGHT! Cop this shit!!! In fact buy his entire catalog. He is one hell of a consistent mutherfucker. Respect.

Film: David La Chapelle's... Clowns?

Dude... Is this for real?
Someone in the city of angels let me know.

David is one of my favorite photographers... though I don't really feel his videos. I love that ultra synthetic testosterone explosion vibe that most of his pieces portray.

Method Man – Tical 0: The Prequel


Art in LA

I caught these shows in LA recently. Great stuff! Edward del Rosario and Karen Carson . Karens stuff is painted on silk with acrylic. the show they are currently displaying are a lot of her pieces on the forest fires in California. Unique.
Thanks to Justin at the Rosamund Felsen Gallery.

Denki Groove - 662bpm by dg (1990)

Okay if you listen to the nutty Japanese shit as serious music, it is really really really bad. It’s a mixture of Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice score, 2 Live Jews, Enya Samples and karaoke music all put together. Hrrmmm... yet I still keep listening to it. Yes. Someone please come to my house and physically remove this album from my ear.

9th wonder - Black is Back

2004 is quickly becoming the year of 9th Wonder. Justus League, Little Brother, Jay Z, Nas, Murs. Whens this kid gonna sleep? Shit hes got me liken’ Murs now. Damn and I really really didn’t want to. Oh wait add his new full remix album of new Jay Z to the pile. His version of encore is the shit. Should be the celebration anthem for the album.

Lucien n. Luciano - Future Senses (klang 072)

Luciano is the shit. Nice guy too. Always on point. Check his releases. Mostly minimal melodic glitchy techno.

Film: Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn

Here is a pretty interesting unofficial CG video for the Aphex Twin tune "Vordhosbn" which is one of my favorites from his last album. Check it. (56mb)

Awww shit... its about that time...

Well, I figure i might as well share some of my thoughts on art with the public. I take a lot of enjoyment from talking with my friends about music and film and being turned on and turned into new things. So please share... your thoughts and suggestions on stuff I need to see, hear, smell, touch, taste... and I will try my best to keep this blog outta politics... hrmm... tough these days... Anyway, enjoy it! 
Support the artists! 
- Andrew