Orchestra Baobab - Jiin Ma Jiin Ma (Nonesuch) 2002

Back at dat azz!

Sorry for the shocking delay... but I up and decided to go AWOL on San Francisco this year, and traded the gay fog of the bay for sun everyday. So I've relocated to Miami Beach until further notice... Wearing flippity flops and shorts everyday is gonna get old like real qui--- like never.

Any of you who live here and listen to more than Trance (Oooops i meant "progressive house"), and Trick Daddy, and Dipset and Half Dolla... hola! I need some local color, already found the Aquabooty thing... Nicodemus... DJ Harvey (the sf neo hippy contingent was in full effect)... Charles Webster.

But 'Nuff with the fuckin' house music already... someone buy a new funkin' beat already.

Where the booty at (bass parties)? I found Egyptian Lover but wut else!?!? how bought some proper hip hop soul? Any clubs playing some J Dilla? some Badu? some Foreign Exchange? some Pete Rock? some Floetry? (lesbians need love too) some sexy crunk-free shiz? hell I'll even settle for some o' dat new Ghostface Killa shit... oh wait... thats Pete Rock on the beat. Jeaauh!

ENOUGH!!! here is some of that swaaaank afro-cuban funky shit u luh... get up on the dancefloor and grind with your girl... forth and back and back and forth.

Orchestra Baobab - Jiin Ma Jiin Ma

Orchestra Baobab have been doing their thing in Senegal since the early 70s... and they still hold tight... This is from Specialist of all Styles on the Nonesuch imprint in the states and World Circuit elsewhere... released in 2002.