Gift of Gab / Latryx / Blackalicious / Lyrics Born / Lateef / Live in San Francisco

Here is a recording of the Quannum MCs Showcase at DNA Lounge in San Francisco this past weekend... The goodness starts about 18 minutes in...

Quannum MCs Showcase - February 24th, 2005
Featuring Gift of Gab, Latryx, Lyrics Born, Lateef

The mics are too loud in the recording BUT... you get the idea... I wish I coulda made this show... the last Gift of Gab show in SF was ridonkulous.

Enjoy. Cough. Cough.

Chris Cunningham / Aya Kato

Here are some wonderful illustrations I've been feelin' for a minute now...

Aya Kato is a freelance digital illustrator living in Seto-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan...

1 / 2 / 3

Aya Kato - Cheval Noir

and of course some of director Chris Cunningham's pieces for Judge Dredd and Ranxerox under his alias Chris Halls. Cunningham as you probably know is responsible for the ever popular Bjork and Aphex Twin videos - All is Full of Love, Window Licker, Come to Daddy, etc... etc...

Judge Dredd / Mean Machine / Ranxerox 1 / Ranxerox 2

Chris Cunningham

Damien Rice / The Futureheads / Hope Sandoval / Willie Nelson

Cough Cough... I am sick.

Here is your homework while I recover... BUY SOME NEW OLD SAD HAPPY COLD WARM MUSICK...

Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter
from O (Vector) 2003

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - On the Low
from Bavarian Fruit Bread (Sanctuary) 2001

Willie Nelson Featuring Lucinda Williams - Overtime
from Outlaws And Angels (Lost Highway) 2004

The Futureheads - Hounds of Love
from The Futureheads (Ada) 2004


Film: The Follow by Wong Kar Wai / Silvio Rodriguez

So, I finally got my 2046 DVD in the mail today... 2046 is Wong Kar Wai's latest film and the pseudo-sequel to In The Mood For Love.

2046 @ Monkey Peaches

Pretty ridiculous that this film debuted at Cannes 2004 (nearing a year ago) yet still has no U.S. release date - so I have to buy it from freekin' Hong Kong just to watch one of my favorite directors do his thang. Anyway, enough about global cinematic injustice... here is the spectacular 6 minute short he did for the BMW film series. The Follow stars Clive Owen of recent Closer fame...

The Follow by Wong Kar Wai

As always Wong Kar Wai continues his love affair with latin music and nails the score for the film... choosing a beatiful and touching song from Cubano artist Silvio Rodriguez.

Silvio Rodriguez - Mi Unicornio Azul

Both pieces are absolutely stunning. Enjoy.

Music: DJ Shadow vs Keane / Bloc Party / The Dalles / The Veils

Here is some miscellaneous rock stuff I’ve been bangin in my earhole this week…

My homegirl turned me onto most of it including the fantastical Seattle radio station KEXP. Eclectic as f*ck and dope as h*ll. Tune in…

KEXP 90.3 FM

DJ Shadow vs Keane - We Might As Well Be Strangers
New new new shit… not what you’d expect from Shadow… which is ALWAYS a good thing.

The Veils - Lavinia
Absolutely beautiful, and I don’t know a damn thing about ‘em

Bloc Party - Banquet
Not a big fan of most of their stuff, but I heard this on a John Peel Session (R.I.P.) a while back and it stuck in my brain. I’m feelin’ this one.

The Dalles - All Goes Down
This is actually on the Mercedes-Benz Mixtape 05… Never heard of ‘em before.


And if your in San Frandisco this tweekend I'm playin' at Hush Hush Lounge tonight… 496 14th @ Guerrero

Music: Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 05

Well Mercedes has lost the title for best promotional free cd campaign to Toyota... whose Scion mix series is just superb. I've already posted about the DJ Haul & Mason Mix cd... but their latest (Number 10) is a Peanut Butter Wolf / DJ Jazzy Jeff double mix. CRAZY. I'll get my greeeezzzy palms on it next week when... check this... Toyota / Scion are throwing a FREE SHOW @ Mighty here in San Francisco and guess who is headlining alongside Haul & Mason... DJ Premier. FREE. HOW YOU LUH DAT!?!?

Mostly all vocal tunes inside, a couple instrumentals. Happily, this time it is mostly unknown names, though over all, not as good as some of the previous comps...

My favorite cuts on this one are: Random feat. A Scholars, Grupo De Amigos En El Balcon and this one...

Wegotsoul - Stay Together

Download it before its gone 4 good...

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 05

And check the tracks I posted from other releases which are no longer available... here.