Film: The Follow by Wong Kar Wai / Silvio Rodriguez

So, I finally got my 2046 DVD in the mail today... 2046 is Wong Kar Wai's latest film and the pseudo-sequel to In The Mood For Love.

2046 @ Monkey Peaches

Pretty ridiculous that this film debuted at Cannes 2004 (nearing a year ago) yet still has no U.S. release date - so I have to buy it from freekin' Hong Kong just to watch one of my favorite directors do his thang. Anyway, enough about global cinematic injustice... here is the spectacular 6 minute short he did for the BMW film series. The Follow stars Clive Owen of recent Closer fame...

The Follow by Wong Kar Wai

As always Wong Kar Wai continues his love affair with latin music and nails the score for the film... choosing a beatiful and touching song from Cubano artist Silvio Rodriguez.

Silvio Rodriguez - Mi Unicornio Azul

Both pieces are absolutely stunning. Enjoy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

story goes that it is based on a father who was a revolutionary as was his son, and during a fire fight during the cuban revolution he disappeared and he never knew what happened to his son

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