Music: Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 05

Well Mercedes has lost the title for best promotional free cd campaign to Toyota... whose Scion mix series is just superb. I've already posted about the DJ Haul & Mason Mix cd... but their latest (Number 10) is a Peanut Butter Wolf / DJ Jazzy Jeff double mix. CRAZY. I'll get my greeeezzzy palms on it next week when... check this... Toyota / Scion are throwing a FREE SHOW @ Mighty here in San Francisco and guess who is headlining alongside Haul & Mason... DJ Premier. FREE. HOW YOU LUH DAT!?!?

Mostly all vocal tunes inside, a couple instrumentals. Happily, this time it is mostly unknown names, though over all, not as good as some of the previous comps...

My favorite cuts on this one are: Random feat. A Scholars, Grupo De Amigos En El Balcon and this one...

Wegotsoul - Stay Together

Download it before its gone 4 good...

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 05

And check the tracks I posted from other releases which are no longer available... here.


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