Music: Yam Who? - Live in San Francisco / Fresco / Betalounge / Ubiquity

Last night was the Official Ubiquity Records Rewind! 4 Release Party at Pink and hosted by local crew Fresco.

Yam Who? (Andy Williams & Desmond Morganis) is one of the newest names to rise out of the whole London Broken Beat, Nu Jazz, Soul scene making big noise with their numerous remixes of artists from Dwele to Amp Fiddler to Raphael Saadiq to Lizz Fields amongst others. Their latest cut on the fantastic new Rewind! compilation from Ubiquity is their first non-remix release... Built from scratch... it is an incredible cover and tribute to the classic 1978 Heatwave CHOOOOOON! Star of the Story.

Yam Who? - Star of the Story (Ubiquity) 2005
This is Yam's version - out now on the Ubiquity Records Rewind! 4 compilation - alongside other covers by Sa-Ra, Platinum Pied Pipers, Domu and Nostalgia 77. YOU MUST COP THIS SH*T!!! All of the Rewind! comps have been QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY from the get-go.

Pharrell - Frontin' (Yam Who? Rework Vocal Mix)
Shiiiiat... you know wut this be...

Unfortunately, the venue - Pink was not even half the size of space you need for a Fresco party. When I got there by 11 it had reached capacity and there was already a line of 30 people. It was literally elbow to elbow inside. I mean... its fantastic to see so many cats out supporting such an eclectic sound, but when your being pushed and getting knocked around on the dancefloor all night, I can only put up with it for so long.

I hope they do not have anymore shows there. I like the club a lot, but its just too small for a Fresco show, ANY FRESCO SHOW.

Yam Who?s selection was totally on point, going from soul to brokent beat to house to brazilian flavored riddims, even rinsing out the new Bugz in the Attic - Booty La La joint.

Fortunately, fine folks at Betalounge recorded the entire show...

Yam Who?, Hakobo, Tokyo Component, Eug, Proof (Real Audio)


THANK YOU BETALOUNGE... and if you have sixty bucks to spare each month I STRONGLY RECOMMEND joining the Betalounge Record Club. These cats have turned me on to so many new artists and sounds... its beautiful. Betalounge has been down from day one here in SF and it is still the longest running electronic stream on the web... since way back before the dot boom and when Wired magazine was doing their Hotwired thang.

RESPECT to both of these crews and anyone else doing it for the love.


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