Film: Jay Z - Fade to Black - Studio Sessions by Pat Paulson

Here is 30 minutes from the upcoming Fade to Black DVD...

Fade To Black - Studio Sessions

Fade to Black is the documentary made about the creation of Jay Z's final record produced by Pat Paulson.

Fade to Black (Trailer)

Appearences by 9th Wonder, Neptunes, Rick Rubin, Q-Tip, Adam Yauch, Just Blaze and of course Timbaland bangin' some serious sci-fi kick your head in type o beats. BANGIN'

Lots of tracks CUT FROM The Black Album are played here including the Rick Rubin produced Pop The Burner jump off that has been floating around the net...

Rumor is Rubin produced 4 joints besides the one that was ultimately released - 99 Problems.

So many of the cuts are just sick... Kanye drops some serious unreleased heat as well... why the fuck did this shit get cut!??!

Anyone into the process should definitely peep this… Runtime is 28 minutes…



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