Music: Rich Harrison / Amerie / Mark Ronson

Even though producer Rich Harrison has been creating straight forward R&B for a number of years, it wasn't until recently that he did something that made my ears tune in...

...and THAT was his hugely successful Crazy in Love anthem for Beyonce (a track with beat work unlike any of his previous productions). Yes... that shit has been played to def, but the beats are fire and Rich is continuing to bring the heat... Apparently this is a style hes gonna stick with for a minute. He gave the drummer some on Tha Rayne's Didn't Cha Know (a track which suffered from so so vocals) and now hes doing it again on this new Amerie jump off - One Thing.

Amerie - One Thing

Mark Ronson is another cat coming on some crazy peter piper rock the bells type o shit. With beats that have more in common with old Funk and Soul than any of today's Rap and R&B programming.

If you haven't heard Mark Ronson - cop his album Here Comes The Fuzz and track down these Mark Ronson 12s on Fatbeats... if you don't already own 'em.

Mark Ronson - Ooh Wee Feat. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg & Obie Trice
Loose Cannons - I Like It When Ya (Mark Ronson Remix)

Fuck it, heres some Mark Ronson versus Quantic Soul Orchestra limited pressing bootleg ISH...

Mark Ronson Vs Quantic Soul Orchestra - Pushin Ronson (Bonobo Edit)

Now go buy something.


Blogger Soul Man 2006 said...

I heard this in DC today and just had to get a second listen to it. Amerie is doing her thing, and I'm so glad to hear her back on the radio. Thanks for sharing the song.

9:45 PM  
Blogger *ADORU said...

the beat the beat the beat... its swickin, i tell yah~!
amerie is holdin' it down, no doubt.


2:32 AM  
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