Music: Terri Walker / UK Garage

Terri Walker is leaving a quite mark on the UK soul scene... Her new album "Untitled" is fantastic...

Terri Walker - Ching Ching (Loving You Still)

Terri Walker - Ching Ching (Video)

Buy it... Mos Def is on there too.

More Here...

Terri Walker isn't new to the game... she added her lovely voice to various UK Garage productions a couple years ago when UKG was still London's music fad of the moment... One of the favorite records I own from her is this Treading New Territories produced cut...

TNT Feat. Terri Walker - Easy Lovin' (Go Beat) 2001

She also did some work with Shanks and Bigfoot on the big stomper - Sing-a-Long, which is just a ridonkulous UK Garage anthem. Fat fat beat. The Shack Up breakbeat Shanks and Bigfoot flip into a 2-Step stylee is one of my favorite breaks.

Gah! I miss that R&B and Pop flavored UK Garage - a style which has almost completely disappeared and made way for 8 Bar and Grime and Dubstep and all those other off shoots straight out tha gutter. And all of which I am into... 'cept I still wanna hear this style too... Seems like it died around the time So Solid Crew appeared on the scene and got mad amounts of hype and press they didn't deserve (their album ended up being WEAK) and they spit the same fake-ass gangsta bullshit American MCs do. Course, much of the R&B flavored UK Garage was just a different type of bullshit (lyrically speaking) - namely that club flossin' blinged out trife-livin' materialism.

But you don't hear me though...


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