69 (Carl Craig) - 4 Jazz Funk Classics (Planet E)

Over the holidaze I spent some time digging through my old crates of vinyl tryin' to decide if its time to sell some of those old underplayed not yet forgotten vinyl gems.

One of the gems I came across was the VERY FIRST bit of wax I ever purchased way back in 1991...

An early Carl Craig release on Planet E (under his 69 moniker) called 4 Jazz Funk Classics.

The A side on this disc, the 8 minute opus entitled Ladies & Gentlemen is a cut that I would list as one of my most influential. After 4 minutes of winding twisting techno - a brief moment of silence - then the breakbeat drops in and the entire track changes course into some serious pre-pre-pre Boards of Canada ISH.

Still bloody brilliant.

I've never really been one of those cats that follows everything Carl Craig does (though I probably should) but over the years I've picked up numerous 12s by him. Some Paperclip People, his fucking fantastic Bodyjazz Bodyfusion EP and here recently The Detroit Experiment side project (which he co-produced along with Amp Fiddler). I'll have to post some Detroit Experiment another day. But that shit comes on a serious Neo-Detroit-Soul vibe. Sick. Sick. Sick. Coughcoughcough. I have mad respect for the diverse cats. Producers who don't just release house music or hip hop or idm or wutever, cats who mix it up on numerous levels. Carl Craig does that.

Peep it. Enjoy it. Buy it on Ebay.

69 (Carl Craig) - Ladies & Gentlemen


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