Music: Q-Burns Abstract Message / DJ Haul & Mason / JT Donaldson & Lance Desardi / NYE in SF

What day is it?

Jeez, what a ridiculous New Years celebration in San Frandisco this year. Even with seemingly endless rain for the past 2 weeks, the SF massive was out in full effect. The 2 biggest highlights being JT Donaldson and Lance Desardi's sets at the rammed out Club Cocomo and Q-Burns ill set at the busted then rescheduled Slide party. Ill shit.

Award for wikkedest record of the night was the 4x4 house bootleg of Aphex Twin's cut Windowlicker. It wasn't the greatest remix, but it was thrown down outta no where, and the crowd lost their shit. Dunno which DJ was playing it.

Q-Burns Abstract Message - DJ Mix - November 29, 2004

Cop the new Q-Burns remix album Future Past Tense... out now.

Listen to the full album here

Maybe its time to hibernate until Winter Music Conferance... ZZZzzzz...

Oh yeah oh yeah... DJ Haul & Mason rocked out Milk on friday, where the free champange flowed like wine, which is probably why i forgot to mention it originally...

Peep their impeccable new mix cd... Scion CD Sampler 9

They are rockin' Ty and Romanowski and Jaylib on this shit.

keep your eyes open for the upcomming volume 10 which is mixed by Peanut Butter Wolf and Jazzy Jeff... Snap!

Certainly one of the cooler corporate promos in a while.

*January 5th: Just ran across these mp3 samples...


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