Music: A Guy Called Gerald - To All Things What They Need (!k7) 2005

Ahhh yesss... another one of my old school heros finally returns with a new album. As far as the OGs go... well... there just aren't that many left. Gerald Simpson aka A Guy Called Gerald is a rare bird these days and he continues to raise the electronic flag after more than 15 incredible years...

To All Things What They Need is that transition album we never got. Had it come out somewhere between Black Secret Technology (1996) and Essence (2000) it would have been the obvious progression from old to the new Y2K sound of Essence.

Essence was a huge change (advance?) in his sound but with clear roots to his older work. This new one however is somewhat of a combination of the two, leaning much more to the retro side of things.

If A Guy Called Gerald is a name you don't know... you HAVE TO AT LEAST KNOW one of his LITTLE records from 1989 called... Voodoo Ray... THE acid house anthem of the day and one of the first independent dance records to break to the top of the UK charts. Gerald was also instrumental (pun intended) in 808 State's biggest record - Pacific. A record which he received no credit for... until he took his former music partners to court and won.

Here are some cuts you may have missed...

A Guy Called Gerald - Satisfaction from The John Peel Session

A Guy Called Gerald - Hot Foot (Juice Box) 1993

A Guy Called Gerald - Finley's Rainbow (Slow Motion Mix) from Black Secret Technology (Juice Box) 1996

A Guy Called Gerald Feat. David Simpson - Could You Understand from Essence (!k7) 2000

A Guy Called Gerald - First Try from To All Things What They Need (!k7) 2005

To All Things What They Need is about to drop on !K7. Buy it.

*Updated January 28th...

Here is a fantastic mix of A Guy Called Gerald tunes by Mark Consumption.

All A Guy Called Gerald/Juice Box Mix

A tribute to one of the most tallentend yet under-rated producers in dance music. The Juice Box label is one of the greatest, most slepped on labels in DnB. Gerald needs to be bigged up more...

28 Gun Bad Boy (JBOX03)
Sunshine (JBOX04)
Like A Drug (JBOX05)
King Of The Jungle (JBOX04)
Ease The Pressure (JBOX14)
Too Fucked To Dance (JBOX09)
Nazinji-Zaka (JBOX18)
Darker Than I Should Be (JBOX09)
Darker Than I Should Be - Ladies Mix (JBOX19)
Hot Foot (JBOX18)
Survival (JBOX30)
The Glok Track (JBOX14)
Finley's Rainbow - 4 Hero Remix (JBOX26)
So Many Dreams (JBOX29)
Radar Systems (JBOX34)
Shiki (JBOX33)
Tamsin - Go Higher (AGCG Remix) (JBOX32)
Cath Coffey - Tell Me (AGCG's Classified Mix) (Island)
David Bowie - Telling Lies (A Guy Called Gerald Remix) (LIES1)

Big up Mark...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see and Gerald mentioned!!! check it out, they are now offering mp3 DL @ $5 for a CD...

Tula Moo

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see and Gerald mentioned!!! check it out, they are now offering mp3 DL @ $5 for a CD...

Tula Moo

1:37 PM  
Blogger Jonathan Davis said...

Thank You Adoru! Finley's Rainbow Is one of my all time faves. Was looking around for this as my copy of Black Secret Technology is lost and my MP3 player is missing this.

Kind regards


6:39 AM  
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