Dwele Feat. Slum Village - Keep On

Ask and you shall receive...

An *ADORU reader has kindly passed me a copy of the forthcoming Dwele album... entitled Some Kinda... and... unfortunately... I am not feelin' a lot of it.


Yeah, the cuts just don't move me the way those on Subject or the bootlegs like Dwelology... none of the cuts touch Down Jimmy or even the Tainted colabo from the Village of Slum. Though my favorite (right now) is another SV colab... the pretty good, but not stellar Keep On...

Dwele Feat. Slum Village - Keep On

Anyway... things do tend to grow on me... many albums do... definately peep it out fo' yourself.

I be on hiatus status for the next couple weeks while I get some LOOOONG overdue R&R&R in Asia...

In the meantime... Read a book or something.

Jamin - Live on Future Breaks FM

This is funkin sick... been bouncing it off my neighbors walls all damn day. It's Jamin mixin' up Grime, Dubstep, Crunk bidnazz on KUSF's Futurebreaks show...

don't make me transcribe the tracklist...

Jamin - Live on Future Breaks FM (iTunes AAC)
recorded August 27th 2005

Proper, proper shiaat.

Get it before its gone.

Steve Spacek - 3 Hours of Fun (Sound in Color) 2005

Anyone whose been reading this blog over the past year plus knows Dwele and Steve Spacek are two of my favorite vocalists... so whenever there about to drop some new jaaawns, i get excited... well both of them ARE fixin' 2 drop new shit... Dwele's Some Kinda hits at the end of next month... and Steve Spacek's new solo effort in a matter of days... well... I was kindly given a preview of the album...

Steve Spacek - 3 Hours of Fun

Off the quality SoCal label Sound in Color, home to Ge-ology and others...

TC Feat. MC Jakes - Let's Go

I've mentioned this track before... well i finally picked it up... new signee TC brings some straight up evil b-line business... setting off all car alarms in a 2 block radius. Nasty nasty... its all about those congos and the unusual structure (for dnb) on this tune... the bassline switches up throughout and the track stops and goes sideways when you least expect it. Proper proper, back to the basics rough and tumble shite...

Please don't stand in front of the bassbin...

TC Feat. MC Jakes - Let's Go

And if the bass tone (THE Valve sound) doesn't give it away... this is obviously a product of Dillinja's Valve Recording's imprint. Release #20.

The flip is a vocal number called New Year featuring Hannah Collins... surprisingly on a soulful R&B / Hospital flavored tip.

Buy it.

Caural - All These Todays Just Melt Into Tomorrows

I've been bangin' Caural's album on the well currated Chocolate Industries imprint... entitled Start on My Ceiling... it dropped back in 2002 and I haven't really heard much from Caural since then except for the rare EP and a joint on that Urban Renewal comp.

Overall, his sound would easily fit on the Ninja Tune or Grand Central catalog.

This is proper. Cop the album.

Caural - All These Todays Just Melt Into Tomorrows

My second favorite track on the album is Stick to Modeling... probably clocks in at 85 bpm, its a chill piece and uses those ever distinctive synthetic Boymerang snares... from back back in the day day, for all you dnb heads, who know whats up.

Nappy Roots - Rewind

Maaaaan.... I'm tellin' ya... This has been my joint non stop for the past two weeks...

A hot hot banger from the forthcoming Nappy Roots album... looks like they are continuing their round the outside style o' kountry hip hop where hip hop is more of a place to jump off then color within the lines... ya know be an outkast and all dat...

Nappy Roots - Rewind

hot hot shiz...

also peep Roun' The Globe from the Wooden Leather LP (2003)... another one of those classic Nappy (dug out) cuts you'll... ummm... dig.

Kanye Makin' Beats

Man, I'm tellin' ya... The Kanyeezy and Dangerdoom albums I posted about have been on heavy rotation all week in club Myearhole. That shit is just funkin' gewd... Another one of my favorite tunes off Late Registration is Drive Slow with Paul Wall outta Houston from the Swishahouse clique. That lazy jazzy beat... Paul's playalistic southern liguistics... and... Kanye even screws the track at the end.

Actually this was supposed to just be a post about this video of Kanye working on beats...

Kanye on Stripped

But fuck it... here is that other dope cut..

Kanye West Feat. Paul Wall & GLC - Drive Slow