Dwele Feat. Slum Village - Keep On

Ask and you shall receive...

An *ADORU reader has kindly passed me a copy of the forthcoming Dwele album... entitled Some Kinda... and... unfortunately... I am not feelin' a lot of it.


Yeah, the cuts just don't move me the way those on Subject or the bootlegs like Dwelology... none of the cuts touch Down Jimmy or even the Tainted colabo from the Village of Slum. Though my favorite (right now) is another SV colab... the pretty good, but not stellar Keep On...

Dwele Feat. Slum Village - Keep On

Anyway... things do tend to grow on me... many albums do... definately peep it out fo' yourself.

I be on hiatus status for the next couple weeks while I get some LOOOONG overdue R&R&R in Asia...

In the meantime... Read a book or something.


Anonymous Jialin said...

where in Asia? I'll be in HK/Taiwan Oct 13-25

3:24 PM  
Blogger Ms. B said...

Nice little something to leave us with :-)

6:59 PM  

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