Kanye Makin' Beats

Man, I'm tellin' ya... The Kanyeezy and Dangerdoom albums I posted about have been on heavy rotation all week in club Myearhole. That shit is just funkin' gewd... Another one of my favorite tunes off Late Registration is Drive Slow with Paul Wall outta Houston from the Swishahouse clique. That lazy jazzy beat... Paul's playalistic southern liguistics... and... Kanye even screws the track at the end.

Actually this was supposed to just be a post about this video of Kanye working on beats...

Kanye on Stripped

But fuck it... here is that other dope cut..

Kanye West Feat. Paul Wall & GLC - Drive Slow


Anonymous Zombie 2Pac said...

bruce: i really enjoy these "behind the scenes" on beat making. it would be great to get more, even your process. what kind of set up. what do you do to start, what happens in the middle, and even the sticky end. it would be fun.

8:37 AM  

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