Prince Paul - ItsTRUmental

Prince Paul's (kind of) instrumental album is out on Female Fun... Shiiiiiat is gewd. Some of the tracks do have MCs/Vocalists but it is Quality. Quality.

Prince Paul - It's A Stick Up! (Female Fun) 2005

Hell, white boy dork rapper Paul Barman is on there...

and I thought he had given up rap to spend more time sniffing glue.

Buy it.


Anonymous Dew Doo Man said...

yo dudes. whats the haps? i meant to post a lot sooner but whatevs. bruce- you always post the illest shit. prince paul is truly one of the best out there. i will even forgive that god awful "politics of the biz" and the so-so "white people" but prince paul does bring it. check "psychoanalysis" and most other paul tracks and he always brings it. you know.. he's one of the reasons i got into music. expect a pp remix tribute soon... peace

8:51 AM  
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