Danny Byrd Live on Hospital Radio

here is what im listening to today... on rewind constantly... dope dope shiiiiiz... yo.

Danny Byrd Live on Hospital Radio 06-29-05

01 The French Quarter Danny Byrd (Dub
02 Obsession Q Project (NHS White
03 Rise Again Danny Byrd feat. IK (Dub
04 Its Ok The Kox (CIA
05 No Pictures Roni Size & Skibbadee (Full Cycle
06 Milk n Honey Q Project
07 Soul Function Danny Byrd (Dub
08 Slowly but Surely Q Project (NHS white
09 Close Range Roni Size (Full Cycle Dub
10 Cant see the grooves Klute (Metalheadz
11 Round & Round Danny Byrd feat IK (Dub
12 Together Logistics (NHS
13 Moving Picture Danny Byrd (Dub
14 Don’t Follow Cyantific feat. DC (NHS
15 Envy Danny Byrd feat. Holly G (Dub
16 Strangest Secret London Elektricty (NHS white
17 All on me Danny Byrd feat. Somniare (Dub
18 Sing Roni Size feat. Jocelyn Brown (V
19 Miami Vice Utah Jazz (Dub
20 8 Ball (C&PF RMX Total Science (CIA
21 Uprock Logistics (MASH
22 Mustard Song London Elektricty (NHS white
23 In The Skies Danny Byrd feat. Somniare (Dub
24 Cant stop this fire Calibre (Bassbin
25 Full Mode (Inst Danny Byrd (Dub
26 Expanded Danny Byrd RMX (Sound in Motion
27 In da Mix Drumajik (Liquid V
28 Stay Strong Nu Tone (NHS
29 Subliminal Aura Q Project (Liquid V
30 Planet Music Danny Byrd (NHS
31 Fresh 89 Danny Byrd (Dub
32 Pulse 101 Cyantific (NHS
33 Worthy of you Danny Byrd (Dub


ooooh... and mark your calenders... DJ Flight will be at Phuturo here in San Francisco August 16th... at The Top (aka Underground SF... cough.) 5 bux.

Breakage was there last night... but i was too mangled to attend. My condolences...

So if your in SF and have a love/hate relationship with the bass and drums this is the night to give it another go. I'm tellin' ya... on the reals yo.

respect to phuturo.


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