TC Feat. MC Jakes - Let's Go

I've mentioned this track before... well i finally picked it up... new signee TC brings some straight up evil b-line business... setting off all car alarms in a 2 block radius. Nasty nasty... its all about those congos and the unusual structure (for dnb) on this tune... the bassline switches up throughout and the track stops and goes sideways when you least expect it. Proper proper, back to the basics rough and tumble shite...

Please don't stand in front of the bassbin...

TC Feat. MC Jakes - Let's Go

And if the bass tone (THE Valve sound) doesn't give it away... this is obviously a product of Dillinja's Valve Recording's imprint. Release #20.

The flip is a vocal number called New Year featuring Hannah Collins... surprisingly on a soulful R&B / Hospital flavored tip.

Buy it.


Blogger mohumble said...

MC Jakes was my next door neighbour in Bristol

4:25 PM  
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