Nobody ...And Everything Else

One of the cats that used to run the now defunked, though irreplaceable, Red Five store on Haight turned me on to these cats a couple years ago... Nobody gets better with age... ;?

Nobody - The Coast is Cclear (For Fireworks)
from the album ...And Everything Else

Out now on the fantastic Plug Research imprint... Buy it...

FYI... Quantic, DJ Language (BBE), Alice Russel @ Social Club, San Francisco... This Thursday... 5 bucks before midnight... how you like dem apples?

Yep, its dem Fresco muthafunkers again.

Dr. Dre - The Message (Instrumental)

If you ever listen to instrumentals of most hip hop tracks, most aren't really complete sounding songs/compositions... well here is a track that can stand on its own... without vocalists without MCs... just music.

Dr. Dre - The Message (Instrumental)
from Chronic 2001 Instrumentals (Aftermath) 1999

The Message appears on Chronic 2001 and its the only cut not produced by Dr. Dre... instead its by Lord Finesse (Thx Leeroy). Dedicated to his dead brother the original features Mary J... but personally, I like it better without the vocals. (and I luh Mary)... anyway... Its a chill slice of downbeaten heaven. Enjoy.

Dangermouse / MF Doom / The Mouse & The Mask

Dope colabo from Dangermouse of Jay Z - Grey Album and Gorillaz fame... and lyrical dynamo Mutherfunkin Mutherfunker MF Doom for Adult Swim on The Cartoon Network.

Danger Doom - Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Shit is on point... Ghostface Killa / Pretty Tony and Doom split bars as well as Cee-Lo and Black Debbie.

Can't stand the cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but maybe I just don't smoke enough.


Kanye West Feat. Lupe Fiasco - Touch the Sky

Between that Gold Digger joint with Jamie Foxx and that Brand New jump off with Rhymemaster... this forthcoming album... Late Registration is shaping up to be better than the last... minus that Diamonds cut... which I'm not feeling at all.

Witness the fitness...

Kanye West Feat. Lupe Fiasco - Touch the Sky

Björk - Army of Me (Remixes and Covers)

So this just dropped… its a compilation of covers solicited from her website, by any and everybody, who wanted to contribute… currated by her and Graham Massey of 808 State fame.

Proceeds benefit UNICEF… great idea… I prefer a comp of unknowns… to bad most of the reworks are mediocre… however there are some true gems… and this is one of them… by Grisbi.

Björk - Army of Me (Reinterpreted by Grisbi)



French auteur u-point has posted his cinematic debut... for free... download it.


I wrote about this cat last year... fantastic stuff! on that Bonobo, Cam, Amon Tobin, Jon Kennedy tip...

Expect a proper release of new works sometime soon...

Prince Paul - ItsTRUmental

Prince Paul's (kind of) instrumental album is out on Female Fun... Shiiiiiat is gewd. Some of the tracks do have MCs/Vocalists but it is Quality. Quality.

Prince Paul - It's A Stick Up! (Female Fun) 2005

Hell, white boy dork rapper Paul Barman is on there...

and I thought he had given up rap to spend more time sniffing glue.

Buy it.

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 08

New Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape is up... Numero Ocho

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 08

Still FREE.

The highlights for me are the Colonel Red tune... some IDM/Braindance biznass from Nikakoi and this D'Nell joint from the high quality BBE imprint...

Peep it...

D'Nell - This Thing (BBE)

Tracks I posted from other releases which are no longer available... here.

Big Bud - Fear of Flying (Soundtrax) 2005

Finally... one of my favorite Drum and Bass producers is set to drop a new album. His 1999 album... Infinity + Infinity released on LTJ's Good Looking imprint is a MUST HAVE for atmospheric dnb heads...

Fear of Flying is a two disc CD… the first disc is an excellent collection of soulful dnb. Most cuts are brand new but a few, like Blu 4 U have been released as 12s in the past couple years. The second disc is the most interesting… here its all downbeat cuts, many with MCs… Bubblin' featuring MC Teknik and Fan The Flame featuring Dan Markus are the standouts.

Big Bud - Fan the Flame (Soundtrax) 2005

Buy It.