SBI - Vulnerable (Pharrell Williams / Timbaland / Magoo)

SBI (Surrounded By Idiots) is Pharrell Williams, Timbaland & Magoo who were working on a colabo back in the 90s. They recorded several tunes, none of which were ever officially released (for one reason or another).

This is definately the best one I've heard to date... fuck... Just listen to the instrumental on this joint...

SBI (Surrounded By Idiots) - Vulnerable

This is quite simply... "THE SHIT".

Sigur Ros - Sé Lest

Dang... I almost got caught sleeping... a friend of mine has been talking about the new Sigur Ros album Takk since it was released a few weeks ago and I finally got around to iTunesing it. and fuck this shit is geeewd.

I mean I've always been more into that do a laddle of heroin and/or slice your wrists style of "rock" music anyway... and fuck this is some of the prettiest suicide music ever.

Sigur Ros - Sé Lest
from Takk (EMI) 2005

Definately their best work since Agaetis Byrjun... if not better... Buy the cd... Go see 'em live... maybe even buy a T-shirt or razor.

Medicinal Dope.

Mabafu - La Manana Proxima

Ahhh... here is a cure for wut ills ya... maybe a little advil wouldnt hurt either... proper dubby and chill bidnazzz from Mabafu on the German netlabel Sofasound...

Mabafu - La Manana Proxima

Download the entire album here...

Mabafu - Bahia Aleman

and the rest of the Sofasound catalog here...


all of which are released under a Creative Commons license.

Seymour Bits - Free (Klakson) 2004

Seymour Bits - Bonparapara Attack... This 12" released on Klakson in 2k4 is a goddamn electro funk stomper... 4 tracks of ill ill shit. Some vocal some on a straight up electro tip like "You Must Be the Bass" but both sides A and B are on point.

Peep it...

Seymour Bits - Free (Klakson) 2004

Definately one of the best 12s I've copped recently. BUY IT.

Busta Rhymes Feat. O.D.B. - Where's Your Money

New rizzla from the forthcoming Busta Rhymes album The Big Bang... his first on Dre's Aftermath imprint... drops in November.

Busta Rhymes Feat. O.D.B. - Where's Your Money


Busta Rhymes Feat. O.D.B. - Where's Your Money (Instrumental)

Who produced this?

Nas - Purple (Instrumental)

baaaack at dat azz... and lemme just say Thailand was the shiiiiaaat... Bangkok is one hell of a dope city, with peeps from all over the world, living, working, playing together. Oddly enough, I didn't bump into any Americans the entire time (yaaawn). The music scene... like the city... i think is still finding itself... but is very much on the up and up. Hip hop is the thang over there right now... oddly enough, I bumped into a Hip Hop DJ I met at this year's Music Conferance in Miami...

Music makes the world a small place indeed.

Anyway... I thought it would be appropriate to post the tune I listened to the most during the trip... and I'd have to say this is the one... laid out on the beaches of Koh Tao bumpin' dis as the sun goes down...

It doesn't get much better...

Nas - Purple (Instrumental)

Shiaat... i gotta post the album version too... check Nasir's flow on this one... on some ill style advanced shit...

Nas - Purple
from the Lost Tapes (2002)