Art: Burning Man 2004

Well, I head out to Burning Man this week and I have spent all day trying to get my shit together so I can leave. Here is one of the mashups Ive been working on for a couple sets out there. I will be playing at Lush Camp 2PM / Esplanade come check it out.

Bruce Wang - Bring the Nyc (Public Enemy Vs. Violet)

Dust or Bust.

Music: Howard Shore - The Game (Soundtrack)

Now this is a hard to find album...

The score for David Fincher's 1997 film "The Game".

I loved the movie, even though the ending was totally impossible, I picked up the DVD as soon as it was released. David Fincher has yet to do a mistake in my book and his oft-maligned take on the Alien series (Alien3) is one of my favorite science fiction films.

This post isn't about him.

It is about Howard Shore and his minimal piano score for the film "The Game". When I saw this film soon after its release, the music stuck with me. It amplified the subtle emotions in this film while NOT being cheap stabs and sudden cues for suspense.

It goes much much deeper than that.

The score is steady, minimal and subdued yet pushes a complicated atmosphere that represents the inside of Douglas' lonely, unhappy and fragile character. A character that will eventually crack.

AAAHAHAHahahah... Damn, I can't believe I just wrote that. aahaahaha... shiiat.

Okay okay... how about... Its good. Its deep.

Howard Shore - Happy Birthday Nicholas

Music: Bay Area Soul - Part 1

Hailing from the East and West bay of Northern California... here is some exclusive independent local soul... you probably haven't heard before unless you've spent significant time in San Frandisco.

I first saw Jennifer Johns a couple months ago singing backup at the Gift of Gab / Lateef show. Which was an Ill show, but I was especially impressed with her. She only did like 3 cuts, so I bought her cd. You may be able to find it at Amoeba SF as they are pretty good about stocking local independent releases.

This is my favorite song from her album "heavyelectromagneticsoularpoeticjunglehop". Dope shit, though comparisions to Jill Scott could be drawn on this particular track.

Jennifer Johns - Do You Believe in Love

Jennifer Johns

Gimme some mo'!!!

Okay, Bing Ji Ling is another local soulster who along with Jennifer opened for Amp Fiddler a couple weeks ago. I recommend seeing both of them if they happen to make it to your town or here in the big Yayo.

Bing Ji Ling - Forever

Bing Ji Ling

Start the weekend right...

Film: Ju-On (The Grudge)

I finally checked out the Japanese film Ju-On from the creators of Ringu (dunno which creators) which was remade in America as The Ring.

Well Ju-On is getting the same American remake treatment, which means they had to put one of those shitty teenage movie actresses in it.

Ju-On has seriously creepy moments, and lacks the gore/perversion of Takashi Mike's stuff, while being much more effective than the stuff M. Night Shyamalan makes. However, the ending kinda has the same problem as Shymalan's stuff. It doesn't pay off. It just kinda fizzles out. I guess it could be said that this isn't necessarilly "wrong" but when there is so much tension and build-up... I want an "Oh daaaaymn!" moment. Sixth Sense was probably the last film to do that for me, or The Others would have but that STRAIGHT UP JACKED the twist in Sixth Sense. WACK. Anyway...

The Original

The Remake

I haven't seen the American version of Ringu, but Ringu, Ju-On, Ichii The Killer, Shaolin Soccer, Infernal Affairs (which Scorsese is remaking) and Takashi Kitano's Zatoichi are some of the best films to come out of Asia recently. It is very nice to see a resurgence since the post Jackie Chan/Jet Li/Chow Yun Fat/Tsui Hark/John Woo drought.

Ju-On is currently showing at Four Star Cinema in San Francisco.

Music: Misc. Mixes

Art: Misato Nagare

Here are some nice pencil / ink drawings from artist Misato Nagare.

My favorites... 1 2 3 4

Misato Nagare

Music: DJ CAM vs J DILLA vs CAMEO - saaaaay whaaaat?!?!

The NEW DJ CAM album "Liquid Hip Hop" just dropped and I picked it up at Amoeba last night. Scanning the tracklist... Shiaat! there is a J Dilla (Jay Dee) remix on this... and what?!??!! it features Cameo!!!

STRAIGHT TO TRACK 10... I haven't even made it all the way through the album yet. This joint is on rewind.

Sick jam.

One of Dilla's better remixes with flows from Cameo and J that are perfect on this. Listen to the swirling synth in the background. I wish more producers would hit up some of that old school talent. Nice to see Cameo still rockin' it.

DJ Cam Featuring Cameo - Love Junkee (J Dilla Remix)


Music: Famine - WPRB Promo

Here is a joint my homeboy Big Steelo sent me.

Its a Philly MC named Famine flowing on local radio. Dunno, if the beat is original or not. Anybody recognize it?

Famine - WPRB Promo

Music: Banbara - Shack Up

This is probably my all time favorite breakbeat. Yes, I love the "Amen"... BUT... the "Shack Up" break... thats THE ONE. Probably one of the most distinctive breaks out there with a kick that is fat as hell. Catch the break at 1:43

Banbara - Shack Up

Its certified dope. But I gotta admit... it needs more cowbell.

Film: The Holy Barbarians - Space Junkie (Directed by Chris Cunningham)

Here is a Chris Cunningham video you have never seen... that is not on his Res DVD either... Its for a rock band I've never heard of... Who are The Holy Barbarians? Actually... uhhh... I don't care.

The Holy Barbarians - Space Junkie

Not bad.

You don't know who Chris Cunningham is?

Director File

Film: M.I.A. - Galang (Directed by Ruben Fleischer)

Here is the latest video by up and coming auteur - Ruben Fleischer... Again, Ruben is on point! Very slick, i love the 80s graffiti and the colors. Though, I don't think he didn't enough takes on some of her dance moves. WHAT!?!?! Can't he afford a choreographer yet!?!?! Ha! BIG UPs.

M.I.A. - Galang

The tune is hot and is by a new UK artist named M.I.A. Check out the other single too... it is dope called "Sunshowers" which Diplo (Ninja Tune) is supposedly doing a remix of.

The M.I.A. Website

Make your own damn version...

M.I.A. - Galang (Acapella)

Art: Jill Greenberg

I think most people have seen Jills commerical photography work in/on various magazines such as Wired and Newsweek. But you probably HAVEN'T seen her more much more serious and dignified portrait work...

The Jill Greenberg Portraits

Jill is showing at the Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles, from October 23rd until December 11th. Check it out.

Music: K-OS - Love Song (VIdeo)

Well here is the video for K-OS's joint "Love Song".

K-OS - Love Song

The video is alright. I dig the tune more than the vid. It's directed by The Love Movement - Micah Meisner/K-OS.

Music: ABSOLUT Vadim

Russian hip hop hero... DJ Vadim and 3 other producers have done a track for the new Absolut Vodka promotion.


This is one of the better Vadim productions I have heard lately, as he and ESPECIALLY Krush have gone of on some more abstract type shit. This tune would fit nicely on Stones Throw. Its minimal with a bounce.

The password is: ai2004

McSleazy vs Soundhog

Here is McSleazy on the mashup bidness once again... Heavy on the electro basslines 4/4s and ummm... pop vocals. but i guess thats what the art of the mash up is all about, huh? turning a wack track into something good... errr... or maybe just listenable. Ha!

McSleazy - Superchunk

And if you like the mash up mix up... Soundhog is better.

Soundhog - As Heard On Radio Soundhog Vol. 4

Big up both cats.

DJ Soulfood - Mobilphunk (A soulful D&B Mix)

Are you impressed? I'm impressed.

Soulfood comes correct with the soulful bidnazz including some new vocal joint halfway through.

The CHOOOON at 50:36 says it best.

Soulfood - Mobilphunk

When it comes to Drum and Bass. This is how I roll.

Greenfly - Blue Corvette (Good Looking)
Greg Packer - You (Phuturistic Bluez)
Die - Autumn (Commix Remix) (Liquid V)
Marky & XRS - Breeze (Innerground)
Junior Cartel - Stay (Nu Directions)
Fly - Power Of Love (Pivotal)
Juju - Far Away (Phuturo)
Greg Packer - Wonderful Day Revisited (Phuturistic Bluez)
Junior Cartel - Supernatural Love (Nu Directions)
SKC & Bratwa - Heart Of Love (Hospital)
Greg Packer - Luv Dup (Interphase)
Ill Logic & Raf - Thinking Back (Ebony)
Nu:Tone - Breathless (Hospital)

Film: The Life Aquatic by Wes Anderson

Here is the trailer for the new upcoming flick from Wes Anderson, director of The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore and Bottle Rocket.

Arguably, the best filmaker to come out of Texas (Alive).

The Life Aquatic Trailer

British Kung Fu (Video)

From the Kontraband Collective.

British Kung Fu


Misc. Music

OH NO!!! & Kazi Bring Da Pressure

Here is the video for the new Kazi joint "Pressure"

Track is produced by Madlib's brother... who goes by the name Oh No...

Last time I'm going to say that... cause... This cats work work stands on its own.

Ive heard about 5 or 6 tracks hes produced for the Stones Throw cats and they are all bangers. "Can't Help Myself" is still probably my favorite. Move with it cuz.

Oh No - The Ride - 12" single coming soon.

Art: GroupC / Casey REAS

Here is some fascinating computer generated work generated by autonomous software agents created Casey Reas and others. Pretty beautiful stuff. Check out the animated movies as well. WARP and Schematic should call these guys.

GroupC / Casey REAS

Here are my favorites... 1 2 3 4

I.G Off and Hazardous - Hip Hop Till I Die

I had never heard of these cats... until recently... This a DJ Spinna produced joint... and it shows... tune is bangin'... Some '97 east coast biznass.

I.G Off and Hazardous - Hip Hop Till I Die

Peep It.

Viktor Vaughn - Venomous Villain 2.5

Here is a re-edit of Viktor Vaughn's (MF Doom) Venomous Villian...

Viktor Vaughn - Venomous Villain 2.5

snatch it quick... n' keep it tight, aight...

Brain Damage

I was in a nasty bike wreck this weekend and ended up in the hospital getting staples put in my head. I’ve never bleed so much before. I was bleeding out my nose, mouth, face, head, chin, eyehole.

It was AWESOME!!!

I was all like WHoah! This is like totally XXXtreme Dude! And the nurse was all like… yeah TOTALLY! Only someone so XXXtreme would take on such a GNARLY tree, FACE FIRST!!! And I was all like mmm… mmmmm… mmm.. (removes gauze from mouth) FUCK BITCH! Those staples fuckin’ hurt… WTF!!! that’s a goddamn staple gun! What?! your out of needles and thread and had to go to Home Depot?!?! Fuck!!! Well... gimme some MORPHINE stat!!!

That’s when things started to get a little foggy, but I’m pretty sure that hot asian chick from ER came in and gave me an massage (with a happy ending). And I felt relaXXXed (but still hella XXXtreme).

Brain Damage – Hurtful Dub

Mullet Rock

I was recently in Dallas and visited Robert Taylor and Miles' Wednesday night of debauchery and 80's/90's rock - better left forgotten in the dusty basement... A great night.

Well here is a tune they need to dig up...

Samantha Fox - Touch Me

AAAAhahahaha... yes, I remember having such a crush on this video vixen... Her and Belinda Carlyle and maybe that chick from Heart or something.

I dunno, I was very young and impressionable then.

Art: May Sorum

Here are some beautiful political posters from artist May Sorum.


Loverly work.

DJ Shadow - The Essential Mix (2003)

Okay this is just hard... Im not a big Shadow fan but often times I'm really feelin' his mixes... about 45 minutes in this really kicks in for me. I LUH DAT durty durty.

Dang... the Polish version of "I Can't Go For That" Aaaaahahaha MADNESS!!!

DJ Shadow - The Essential Mix

Also if you can find it, peep his 1999 Miami Bass Essential mix... full of more ILL JOINTS only Shadow can dig up and one of my favorites.

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 02

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape

There is a new mixtape up finally. This one is good too. Better than the last one in fact. Props to the selector. I haven't heard of any of the artists (That is a good thing!) except for a new joint from Harmonic 33 aka Troubleman aka Global Communication aka Mark Pritchard.

Here is THE jump off...

Lacks - Star Of The Story

Esthero - O.G. Bitch

A new Esthero album entitled Wikked Lil' Grrrls will be dropping soon... FINALLY... As its been 5 years since Breath From Another... a CLASSIC album in my book full of sentimental tunes that captured a moment in my life. Few albums make their mark in such a way. In the meantime here is something to tide you over until the new album...

Esthero - O.G. Bitch

A new Mos Def 12" just dropped called "Summertime". Its bangin' and Esthero flows on it like only she can.

Film: Ruben Fleischer

Here is the new Dizzee Rascal video for the single "Stand Up Tall" by Ruben Fleischer. I first heard of Rueben when I saw his video for SF Producer/MC Goldchains' Game tune.

Dizzee Rascal – Stand Up Tall

My favorites are still his more graphically based ones...

DJ Format - A Hit Song

Goldchains - The Game

Dizee Rascal - Fix Up, Look Sharp

More Videos - Including Amp Fiddler’s “I Believe in You”

Art: Jeff Soto at BLK/MRKT

Jeff Soto is showing at The BLK/MRKT Gallery in Culver City / LA until September 20th... Definately worth checking out...

Jeff Soto
The Crown Dozen Interview

Ak - Day Light

HERE is a chill tune from Akemi Kakihara I've been bumpin' this morning. From the album Trilogy which features remixes from Francois K. and Danny Krivit.

Art: Gabríela / Bjork / James Bowden

The immaculate artwork on Bjork's greatest hits album "Family Tree" is by her Icelandic friend, Gabríela. Abstract and intricate, many of her pieces are seem to be Bacteria frolicking with Protazoa and a few of Myazaki's Dustmites for good measure. Cool.

Her Website

or check out this animation of some of her work... TEIKNINGAR/DRAWINGS

In a similiar vein is James Bowden's work...

Sometimes it Goes Dark

Film: Stone Roses - Fools Gold (Video)

Back in the day when I was teenager, before I had status and before I had a pager... I was watching THIS.

Film: The Batmobile in Chicago

Here is footage of the new Batmobile on location in Chicago.

I gotta admit it looks pretty umm... good? err... different?

Film: The Honda "Cog" Commercial... Remixed


The Original Commercial

Rube Goldberg Machines

Zap Mama Feat. Erykah Badu - Bandy Bandy

I finally picked up the new Zap Mama album and DAMN... This is one of the best songs I've heard this year...

Zap Mama Feat. Erykah Badu - Bandy Bandy

Definately, the song of the moment for this cold grey San Franciscan day.


it will make the sun come out.

Bjork - Medúlla

Here are 3 tunes from the forthcoming Bjork album entitled Medúlla. The album drops at the end of this month.

It sounds like shes still on that abstract hookless, melody-free tip... again. I was only feeling a couple tracks off the last one. DAMN.

Homogenic is my favorite Bjork album.

Art: Kelsey Shannon

Here are a couple pieces I like from comic book artist Kelsey Shannon.
AsiaBOY-sml 2.jpg

EDMX / DMX Krew on the MIX

Here is a pretty good mix by one of my favorite Electro producers... EDMX aka DMX Krew. It has some ill old school joints and then some 4/4 techno and ACEEED! that I'm not really feelin' at the moment. Towards the end it strays into some Nu Breakz and Grime territory.

DMX Krew releases on Aphex Twin's Rephlex label as well as his own Breakin' recordings imprint which specializes in the Electro bidnazz... He has just released a new album on Rephlex which I have got to pick up. The last 4 are dope.

EDMX on the MIX

The DMX Krew Website

Annie – Heartbeat (679)

Annie - Heartbeat

This new single from Norwegian pop diva was produced by Royksopp. It is the second single off her forthcoming album “Chewing Gum”. A lot of which is produced by UK mashup king Richard X (aka Girls on Top) whose exploits in illegal bootlegs has morphed into a successful production career. My favorite mashup being the Whitney Houston/Kraftwerk combination. Bloody brilliant.

You gotta admit the sound is reminiscent of the Royksopp/Erland Oye stuff. AS WELL AS the latest Kings of Convienience (whom Erland Oye is half of) single “I'd Rather Dance With You”, which is on that same very chill very smooth restrained vocal tip.

Mylo has remixed the first single “Chewing Gum”. I am dying to hear that as well.

Film: Vincent Gallo - The Brown Bunny

Vincent Gallos's latest film has finally found a U.S. distributor. Though it debuted at Cannes 2003, its critical panning and X rating have made it difficult to get a release. Roger Ebert said he had been more entertained watching his own colonoscopy than this film. I dunno 'bout you, but I think I'd rather see Chloe Sevigny's "controversial" and over-hyped scene of oral lovin' than the inner depths of Ebert's anus.

Remember her from Larry Clark's movie Kids?

The Trailer

Film: Enki Bilal - IMMORTEL Ad Vitam

Here is another visually arresting film... Immortel Ad Vitam, based on La Foire aux Immortels, the most famous graphic novel from french artist/illustrator Enki Bilal. Unfortunately, most of the reviews I have read say that the story is weak... As always... pretty pictures does not a good film make... though apparently $20 million can buy you 1,400 effects shots.

The Trailer

More Info About Enki

Immortel has not been officially released in the U.S., but you can purchase the French DVD with English subtitles.

The Website