Music: Bay Area Soul - Part 1

Hailing from the East and West bay of Northern California... here is some exclusive independent local soul... you probably haven't heard before unless you've spent significant time in San Frandisco.

I first saw Jennifer Johns a couple months ago singing backup at the Gift of Gab / Lateef show. Which was an Ill show, but I was especially impressed with her. She only did like 3 cuts, so I bought her cd. You may be able to find it at Amoeba SF as they are pretty good about stocking local independent releases.

This is my favorite song from her album "heavyelectromagneticsoularpoeticjunglehop". Dope shit, though comparisions to Jill Scott could be drawn on this particular track.

Jennifer Johns - Do You Believe in Love

Jennifer Johns

Gimme some mo'!!!

Okay, Bing Ji Ling is another local soulster who along with Jennifer opened for Amp Fiddler a couple weeks ago. I recommend seeing both of them if they happen to make it to your town or here in the big Yayo.

Bing Ji Ling - Forever

Bing Ji Ling

Start the weekend right...


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