Music: DJ CAM vs J DILLA vs CAMEO - saaaaay whaaaat?!?!

The NEW DJ CAM album "Liquid Hip Hop" just dropped and I picked it up at Amoeba last night. Scanning the tracklist... Shiaat! there is a J Dilla (Jay Dee) remix on this... and what?!??!! it features Cameo!!!

STRAIGHT TO TRACK 10... I haven't even made it all the way through the album yet. This joint is on rewind.

Sick jam.

One of Dilla's better remixes with flows from Cameo and J that are perfect on this. Listen to the swirling synth in the background. I wish more producers would hit up some of that old school talent. Nice to see Cameo still rockin' it.

DJ Cam Featuring Cameo - Love Junkee (J Dilla Remix)



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