DJ Assault - Live on Tilos

Ahh yes... the undisputed king of detroit ghettotech and bootybass... the man that brought us classics like Ass N Titties, Dick by tha Pound and Nut in Yo' Eye - Mr. Jefferson Ave aka Craig Diamonds aka DJ Assault the street narrator... hits the ones and twos with some o' dat Detroit shake ya azz bidnazz.

Check out the ILL Nelly sampling cut @ 15:00... Get that Loot. Make that Cash. Get that Money.

DJ Assault - Live on Tilos (March 1, 2003)

Let it bang...

Mylo / Cut Copy

Okay kids... this is turning out to be one of the most beautiful weeks / in months here in San Frandisco... The clouds and rain have finally given way to sunshine and 76 degree weather... if that can’t pull me out of this funk… maybe this will…

Some serious sunshine, bbq in the park, WAKE UP at da END UP type o’ business from our friends across the pond...

First up… Myles MacInnes from Scotland and his cut In My Arms… from his debut album Destroy Rock & Roll… an album which very nearly got my pick as fav of 2004… Its fun, happy electronic pop music… beautiful Golden Gate Park stuff.

Mylo - In My Arms
from Destroy Rock & Roll (Breastfed) 2004

I'm tellin' you... GO BUY DESTROY ROCK & ROLL... You'll LUH IT! BUUHLEEEE DAT!

Next up... Cut Copy from Melbourne comes on a similar tip but with more on that 80s guitar throwback thang that’s so popular with the kids these days… His track Saturdays is the album standout - in style and sound.

Cut Copy - Saturdays
from Bright Like Neon Love (Modular) 2004

Relax… Enjoy… Unwind…

Michel Gondry / The Willowz / Devendra Banhart / Lauri Faggioni

Here are 2 new videos from Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind director Michel Gondry...

The Willowz - I Wonder
Directed by Michel Gondry

Devendra Banhart - A Ribbon
Directed by Lauri Faggioni and Michel Gondry

In a perfect world you would already own his Director's Series dvd, which includes all his other videos...

The Work of Director Michel Gondry (Palm Pictures)