Young Jeezy - Trap Star (Produced by Mr. Collipark)

From one of the better southern rap albums of 2005 and Jay Z's first signee to the new Def Jam... AND the dude with all the christmas shirts...

Young Jeezy - Trap Star (Produced by Mr. Collipark)
from Lets Get It - Thug Motivation 101


Speaking of hyphy... peep the new E-40 fonzerelli / Keak Da Sneak video for Tell Me When To Go...

shit is ill.

wasn't feelin' the single as much till i saw this video... maaaaan...

E-40 Feat. Keak Da Sneak - Tell Me When To Go (Video)

go stoopid.


Bruce Wang - Midnight Trip (The Z-Trip - Midnight Star Mash Up)

Here is a mash up I did last night…

I put the Midnight Star "Midas Touch" acapella over Z-Trips beats o’ death… an instrumental track called Furious, which I chopped, sped up and rearranged. The track is from his new album Shifting Gears. Cop that shit…

Bruce Wang - Midnight Trip

Take 'em 2 da bridge @ 120BPM...

Celia Cruz - La Vida Es Un Carnaval

Okay last post from my Columbian expedition for a minute... I got music fallin' out my ass from that trip. Half of it, I haven't even had time to listen to fully.

You've probably already heard of her... if not heard, than seen... with that gap-toof smile... She's muy popular with the old folks down south, and does that salsa and afro-cuban thang thang.

Celia Cruz - La Vida Es Un Carnaval
from Mi Vida Es Cantar (1998)

True lie... i thought this was a dude singin'. mi malo.

Alliance Ethnik Feat. Cheb Mami - Parisien du Nord (Remix)

Here is some more music I found in Columbia. Though, not Columbian… the DJ was bangin’ it at a club in Bogotá called In Vitro (Carrera 7 / Calle 59). Most of what he played was a mixture of hip hop (good shit), Rnb, and some Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton. Proper night. Good crowd. Cool space. Cheap Drinks.

Anyway, Alliance Ethnik are some of the more popular of French hip hoppers, along with the Lewis Parker, that aren't spitting gangsta shit. Their second album Fat Comeback which dropped in ‘99 features a lot American rapcats including Common, Rahzel, De La Soul and Pete Rock on some production. Quality French hip hop.

Cheb Mami is a Rai singer from Algeria whose seen some popularity, but is still probably most famous for that last Sting Single/Car Commericial thing.

Blah blah blah. Listen.

Alliance Ethnik Feat. Cheb Mami - Parisien du Nord (Remix)
from Fat Comeback (1999)

Typecast - On Me

Here is some new new new shit. Unlicensed (yet) and unreleased (yet) Drum & Bass from one of my favorite DJ’s (still). Dallass’ Typecast of the Atmospheric Society. And I don’t say that lightly.

Atmospheric Society is an atmospheric / liquid funk / mutherfunkin’ soulful ISH crew that’s been doing their dnb thing in Dallass since before I could walk. STILL holding down the longest running Dnb night in Texass. Mick’s on Mondays. Which is always the first thang I do when I visit the Lonestar state to raise and rope bronco (or Steers and Lesbians).

This jizump off is an unreleased Typecast production… that I am totally funkin feelin’… If your interested in licensing / buying it… email me and I will get you in touch.

Typecast - On Me

Okay, shit while I’m at it… here is a special bonutz… fer DJ M (Future Breaks FM). thanks for banging up my earholes with the proper Yay(o) Area DnB injection while I’m MIA.

JT Donaldson - It's Simple (Typecast Remix)
on Grab Recordings (GR013) 2004

This is a rare one indeed… on Dallass house imprint Grab Recordings… Typecast’s remix of the JT Donaldson house banger It’s Simple. I wish more labels would just release GOOD music. Fuck-A-Genre.

Luh the b-line that kicks in halfway through… Buy it here. Do it.

Reeeeeespect!!! Maaaasiiiiive.