Typecast - On Me

Here is some new new new shit. Unlicensed (yet) and unreleased (yet) Drum & Bass from one of my favorite DJ’s (still). Dallass’ Typecast of the Atmospheric Society. And I don’t say that lightly.

Atmospheric Society is an atmospheric / liquid funk / mutherfunkin’ soulful ISH crew that’s been doing their dnb thing in Dallass since before I could walk. STILL holding down the longest running Dnb night in Texass. Mick’s on Mondays. Which is always the first thang I do when I visit the Lonestar state to raise and rope bronco (or Steers and Lesbians).

This jizump off is an unreleased Typecast production… that I am totally funkin feelin’… If your interested in licensing / buying it… email me and I will get you in touch.

Typecast - On Me

Okay, shit while I’m at it… here is a special bonutz… fer DJ M (Future Breaks FM). thanks for banging up my earholes with the proper Yay(o) Area DnB injection while I’m MIA.

JT Donaldson - It's Simple (Typecast Remix)
on Grab Recordings (GR013) 2004

This is a rare one indeed… on Dallass house imprint Grab Recordings… Typecast’s remix of the JT Donaldson house banger It’s Simple. I wish more labels would just release GOOD music. Fuck-A-Genre.

Luh the b-line that kicks in halfway through… Buy it here. Do it.

Reeeeeespect!!! Maaaasiiiiive.


Anonymous sindell357 said...

Hi Andrew! Happy New Year!
Hope to see you again soon :)

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Molly O'Poverty said...

those beats are bangin'! at least the ones i heard (the Typecast remix) of Simple. the first link didn't work. after that d-n-b deliciousness i'm jonesing to hear the other track!

10:18 PM  
Blogger *ADORU said...

Link is now fixed. Thanks!


10:48 PM  

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