Dexter - Acid Lullaby

Here is some electro flavored house bidnazz...

Dexter - Acid Lullaby
from Cocoon Compilation E (2005)

More quality jams on this comp from Hell, Phonique and that mutherfucker Anthony Rother. BUY IT.

Also, pick up Dexter's I Don't Care 12 incher on Klakson if you can still find it. Filthy electro bidnazz... man proper... makes me want to have dirty robot sex.

Actually thats true for pretty much everything.

Osunlade & Erro - Everything in it's Right Place

Onsunlade played at Aquabooty here in Miami Saturday night, and it was rammed the fuck out. Packed with sexy womens all shakin' their pom poms. Anyway... it was nuts and Im getting distract here... Focus.

Okay, so Im not the biggest house fan. I love some of everything but most house doesn't do much for me. Onsulade, however, played a swicken (yeah, I just made that word up) set saturday... so props to that... on that note here is my favorite Onsunlade jam... which just so happens to be the latest.

Osunlade & Erro - Everything in it's Right Place

New new new shit... covering Radiohead with Erro. Hells yeah. Buy it.

Like now.

Beatsauce - J Dilla Tribute

Well it is with much sadness that I do finally do this post but it has to be done.

Raw B of the always quality Beatsauce radio show on KUSF in San Francisco put together a fitting tribute to the maestro.

Beatsauce - J Dilla Tribute
mixed by Raw B

We are sending out much love and respect to Jay Dee and his fam... we will never forgot you...

RESPECT. We miss you brother.

J Dilla
Feb. 7, 1974 - Feb. 10, 2006

Faction G Feat. B-Live - Bounds (I Got Dat)

Dag, I was gonna post more of that everlasting BASS but ill give yur bassbins a rest today… but don’t sleep… here is some mutherfuckin bashment HEAT!!!

Faction G and B-Live straight up wreck fuckin shop on this one… T-Star on production… Man I'm tellin' ya... UK MCs (the good ones) bring an energy to the mic that few americans do (at least not many come to mind)… old school Busta maybe?

Anyway... from their mixtape… and available on the Snakebite imprint...

Faction G Feat. B-Live - Bounds (I Got Dat)


Buy this shit. Break your fuckin neck.

Dynamix II - Silver Beats

After yesterday’s near lethal dose, I started fiendin’ again for more more more of the quad, cause I’m a basshead. So to the archives we go…

Dynamix II - Silver Beats

Straight up bass science from the fuckin’ Miami don’s… Dynamix II.

This shit came out over 12 years ago…

I wonder if any of these grime dubstep fruity beat heads are up on their bass history? I’m not even diggin that deep here…

This is shit you bought at the custom stereo shop back in the day... on the wall next to the 15s, not at the record store. Shit I used to sit in my brothers low rider in middle school and just nod to. If it was night time your battery draining headlight synchro was the light show.

How low can you go?

Skream - Midnight Request Line

Skream - Midnight Request Line (TEMPA 014) 2005

It may have come out in 2005 but this is muthafuckin' gutter ass bass music for the year 2019.

All your bass are belong to us.

Five Deez - Fugg That (!K7)

Dag yo listen to the instrumental on this shiat... listen to the pads at the opening, takin' me back to some straight up dnb atmospherics. This is the jawn maaan. I wish more hip hop producers switched up the beats like this.

Five Deez... now on Studio K7.

Five Deez - Fugg That
from Kommunicator (!K7) 2006

Fuck that. Buy this. Hell yes.

Omar - There's Nothing Like This

I was gonna post some J Dilla, but I feel so romantical it being that day and all... err... the day after that day. anyway...

this was reissued on Talking Loud last year... a true Euro Soul classic jawn. go buy the vinyl... go get your girl... maybe splurg on a nice bottle of Korbel '06 (Alize if shes really special), and roll around nekkid on the carpet for a bit.

Omar - There's Nothing Like This

happy vd.

Dr. Dre Feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg - Next Episode 2006

Exile - Open Mike (Planet Mu) 2005

DnB ubertalent Exile has gone and done a full length on Michael Paradinas’ glitchy IDM / Braindance imprint Planet Mu…

Exile has been making dancefloor oriented dnb for years now… with numerous releases on labels like Moving Shadow and John B’s Beta Recordings.

Probably his most popular? tune is that electro/tranceish flavored jam with the vocal hook… “Save Me” on Beta… Which I actually played out this weekend…

so check this shit out…

Exile - Open Mike
from Pro Agonist (ziq116) 2005

the album is quality… pick it up... support an artist that’s not a afraid to do more than one thing…