Dynamix II - Silver Beats

After yesterday’s near lethal dose, I started fiendin’ again for more more more of the quad, cause I’m a basshead. So to the archives we go…

Dynamix II - Silver Beats

Straight up bass science from the fuckin’ Miami don’s… Dynamix II.

This shit came out over 12 years ago…

I wonder if any of these grime dubstep fruity beat heads are up on their bass history? I’m not even diggin that deep here…

This is shit you bought at the custom stereo shop back in the day... on the wall next to the 15s, not at the record store. Shit I used to sit in my brothers low rider in middle school and just nod to. If it was night time your battery draining headlight synchro was the light show.

How low can you go?


Blogger CubikArubik said...

You're killin me with all this bass man.
I love it!
Thanks for all the great tunes you share.


9:31 AM  
Blogger *ADORU said...

werd up

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Steve PMX said...

haha I was just bassin' to some Maggotron + Dynamix II on the way to work this morning. That quad sound never gets old, son.

11:10 AM  

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