Dexter - Acid Lullaby

Here is some electro flavored house bidnazz...

Dexter - Acid Lullaby
from Cocoon Compilation E (2005)

More quality jams on this comp from Hell, Phonique and that mutherfucker Anthony Rother. BUY IT.

Also, pick up Dexter's I Don't Care 12 incher on Klakson if you can still find it. Filthy electro bidnazz... man proper... makes me want to have dirty robot sex.

Actually thats true for pretty much everything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

shaaait, you really know how to make people move dem arses, cuz this music you're posting, is hot shit!
checked out already "Teriyaki Boyz ft Pharell Williams - Large" ?!

5:57 AM  

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