Mullet Rock

I was recently in Dallas and visited Robert Taylor and Miles' Wednesday night of debauchery and 80's/90's rock - better left forgotten in the dusty basement... A great night.

Well here is a tune they need to dig up...

Samantha Fox - Touch Me

AAAAhahahaha... yes, I remember having such a crush on this video vixen... Her and Belinda Carlyle and maybe that chick from Heart or something.

I dunno, I was very young and impressionable then.


Blogger Megawatt Miles said...

Still young but getting less impressionable. I will say in my defense that most of the music is worthy. We run the rich gamut of rock history. Bad Brains to Black Sabbath. The Kinks backed by KISS et al. Only the occasional ironic moment. For the record, irony just to be ironic about as vital as Electroclash, faux-hawks, and trucker caps. If you're ever in Dallass swing in, it is rather debaucherous. Sam Fox also had quite a career of getting her kit off. I'd still have her just for pokes. Thanks for the space Tosh you Rawk!

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