The Roots - Tipping Point

I finally picked the new Roots album... Its tight of course... much better than the last. Even more grown up than any of the previous albums. From the interviews and the lead single I figured they were specifically coming on a mainstream tip this album. But its still way too advanced for (KSiMP) Simpletons radio...

My favorite joint is probably that "Somebody's Gotta Do It" shit. But Im still on that Neo Soul ish.

"Stay Cool" is sick... but dammit! i want those old school psychedelic keys to shine through! This track could of come like one of those Common ELECTRIC CIRCUS classics! Which is an incredible progressive album. But instead leaves those keys to wallow in the background.

The lead single, Don't Say Nuthin' is plain HARD. On some raw night creepin' shit. Why have I not heard it on the radio? They play that Mobb Deep joint. Its the same vibe, but without the wack LYRICS. Why?!

The Roots - Duck Down

And Why?! are people okay with being censored. That new Jadakiss joint... called Why!?!? is censored on MTV BET and the RADIO... and what lyric did they censor????

"Why did Bush knock down the towers..."


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