The Pixes - Live at Coachella

Well, I finally got a copy of the only show I really cared about at this years Coachella Festival, which is outside of Palm Springs. Unfortunately, last year was more overrun by teenagers than angry drunks... so i didn't go.


Anyway, here was the best reason to make the trek... and Debaser is still the illest.

The Pixes - Live at Coachella 2004

01. Bone Machine
02. U-Mass
03. Isla De Encanta
04. Wave of Mutilation
05. Broken Face
06. Cactus
07. Caribou
08. No. 13 Baby
09. Gouge Away
10. Tame
11. Monkey Gone To Heaven
12. Debaser
13. Velouria
14. Hey
15. Gigantic
16. Nimrod's Son
17. Here Comes Your Man
18. Vamos
19. In Heaven-Where Is My Mind
20. Into The White

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