Decoder - Hacked

After this last trip to SF I picked up the rest of my music collectionmy; last pieces of vinyl and cds and brought it all back home to Miami. So this past weekend I did some digging through tracks and tapes some of which I haven't heard in 10 years...

Decoder - Hacked
from Dissected (Hardleaders) 1998

Released in 98 when jazz influenced dnb was in its prime and Roni Size and EZ Rollers were 0wning my earholes... Dissected is a gem and is still one my favorite DnB albums... (he even coproduced another Jazz n Bass classic... Peshay’s Miles From Home) Not only is Dissected a cohesive artist album but it also trades the usual bass synths for sampled guitar licks. Something which, well just doesnt happen much anymore. Decoder along with Substance and vocalist Sian Evans went on to form Kosheen and has since released 2 albums (the first one is DOOOPE...) to some commercial success... Pick that up.

Hacked is the only non-dnb track on Dissected.



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