Anthony B - Raid Di Barn

Went to a bbq at Oasis in Oakland on saturday... wait?! where was the bbq? there wasnt any bbq there? Anyway, Rueben (Browntempo) played and a bunch of other cats. Mostly, hip hop (the non-miami "real" kind), R&B, soul, dancehall, reggae, etc... proper Bay Area music, complimented by proper East Bay women with "boomin' systems".

Sunday, the music was just as good at Milk (back back back again) at my old weekly neighborhood stomping ground. Ras Cue, Tom Thump and some other white people represented.

Anyway here is one of the jawns I trainspotted in Oaktown.

Anthony B - Raid Di Barn
from Real Revolutionary (1996)

Produced by Richard "Bello" Bell.

Friday I played OM @ Wish then hit the Domu (Bugz in the Attic) @ Fresco and the A-Track "Sunglasses is a Must" tour at some small as fuck new hole in the wall club in SOMA. I dug the show... he wasnt wearing sunglasses. What kinda false advertising bullshit is that?

Tommorrow, Vodka, Lance Desardi, Vodka, Justin Martin, Vodka, Vodka, Andy Caldwell and Vodka.



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