The Plastician - May 2006 Mix

MORE heavyweight burners from one of dubsteps greats... The Plastician (Formerly Plasticman)... Been feelin' dis Japan tune for a minute now...

The Plastician - May 2006 Mix


Watch yur bassbins.

Slu Dem - Grime (Plastician intro)
Plastician - Vio-Lent
Plastician - Japan
Plastician - Shallow Grave 2005
Rossi B & Luca - Nobody Knows
Benga - Still Rockin
Skream - 0800
Plastician - Hocus Pocus
Geeneus - Dark Boy
Terror Danjah - Top Producer Remix
Spyro - Gem
Imperial - X Files
Jammer - Shangooli
Digital Mystikz - Shattered
Wiley - Gangsterz
Geeneus - Parasite 2006
Triple Threat f/ Various - No Respect
Terror Danjah - Untitled
Scratchy - Shangooli (Wiley Remix)


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Benga - Still Rockin is awesome even now in 2014!This is pure music.

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