Justin Martin & Sammy D Feat. Fernando Rivera - The Legend of Papa Chango

Well here is another Yay Area post...

Talked to Justin Martin (Buzzin’ Fly) at the Andy Caldwell release party at Darkroom. WHAT A SHITHOLE VENUE. Its like The Top but with crappier sound a larger space and less shit and piss on the floor. Totally the kind of place I want to listen to great music in. Ugh.

Anyway. Before I moved to SF Sammy D was telling me about a track they just finished and were debuting at WMC… but never heard anything else about it. Maybe, Justin played it at Buzzin’ Fly. I don’t remember much about that week. Anyway… Its been rinsed out nearly every week at Aquabooty since then… and I love it and everyone loves it. Even my mom loves it. Then again, shes really into Yanni, tambien.

Its even got that damn bird sound that you used to always hear in the early Good Looking stuff.

Justin Martin & Sammy D Feat. Fernando Rivera - The Legend Of Papa Chango

Good shiz. Love the pads.

One Self is playing at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday… don’t miss this show… Its DJ Vadim’s new crew featuring hecka talented MC… Yarah Bravo. She will fit right in here in Cloud City.

Tonight BOCA with J Boogie / Rueben (Browntempo)… Yam Who? @ Pink later.

Let the debauched Memorial Celebration begin.



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