Justin Boyd - You Can't Reach Home Without Touching All The Bases

YO im in NY this week and next for some R&R and all I really want is to hear some dubby bidnazzz on a proper soundsystem. Somebody shout at me... Whats the haps!? parties, shows, your moms house... wherever shits poppin'. If its good musick, i wanna know. hola back! -> adorublog@gmail.com

Diggerz scienz... from my old Texass homeboy holdin' it down in San Antonio... REEESPECT! Wish I coulda made the party in May.

jboyd - You Can't Reach Home Without Touching All The Bases

1. The Orb-Slvg Dvb
2. Trash Aesthetic-Pavonia Mix
3. Mad Professor v. Massive Attack-Bumper Ball Dub (Karmacoma)
4. Sabres of Paradise-Duke of Earlsfield
5. Benga-Zombie Jig
6. Mala-Ancient Memories Skream remix
7. Loefah-Truly Dread
8. Digital Mystikz- Anti War Dub
9. Jaydee-Plastic Dreams
10. Toasty-Angel
11. Chapterhouse-We Are the Beautiful (spooky’s extravaganja dub mix)
12. Scuba-Twista
13. Skream-Lightning
14. Underworld-Pearls Girl
15. Digital Mystikz-Neverland
16. D1-Identify
17. µ-ziq-Iesope

Special Bonus!!! More brock out madnez...
Skream / Mala / Chef - Live on Rinse FM (April 11, 2006)

Skream - Summer Dreams
Benga - Blues (Crazy D Vocal)
Skream - Rottan
Hijak - Nightmares
Skream - Blue Eyes
Skream - Irie
Quest - Hardfood
Skream - Dutch Flowers
Quest - Mirage
Benga - Electro Music
Mala - Jah Power Dub
Mala - 10 Dread Commandments Vip
Coki - Mad Head
Benga - Zombie Jig
Skream - Music To Make U Stagger
Skream - Deep Concentration
Coki - Shattered
Coki - Thief In The Night
Skream - Request Line (Mala Remix)
Skream - ???
Skream - I (Loefah Mix)
Mala - 151 Dub
Mala - Anti War Dub (Version)
Mala - Anti War Dub
Loefah - Horror Show
Skream - 0800 Dub
Skream - Colorfull
Skream - Tune In 'A Dub Tribute'
Mala - Learn
Coki - All Of A Sudden
Skream - Skippah
Dmz - Ancient Memories
Ironsoul - Kalawanji
Skream - Blipstream
Mala - Left Foot Out
Mala - Blue Note
Dmz - Haunted
Dmz - Haunted**
Skream - Untitled
Skream - The Dark Side Of Life
Distance - Minstrel
Loefah - Left Right Left
Mala - ???
Dmz - Ancient Memories (Skream Mix)
Benga - Amnesia
Skream - Assumptions (Remix)
Skream - Me Love It
Coki - Earth Run Red
Mala - Misty Winter
Skream - ???
Skream & Hijak - Babylon Time Warp


Anonymous chente said...

That first mix is excellent, great tracklist! Thanks!

1:52 PM  
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