Disco D - PROHIPHOP Mixtape Vol. 1 - A Copa É Nossa

New Shizzle highlighting Brasilia Hip hop featuring a ton of D's productions for Braza from Sao Paulo... Dope. Download it.

PROHIPHOP Mixtape Vol. 1 "A Copa É Nossa"
Mixed by Disco D

01. O Campeão Ta Aqui C4
02. A Copa É Nossa C4 (prod. Disco D)
03. Tomar No.../Quer Dinheiro? C4, DG e Sandrão
04. Quero Hoje Super Flá e Mr. Catra (prod. Disco D)
05. 5 Coisas Thaide e C4 (prod. Mr. Bomba)
06. Joga Bonito C4 (prod. Disco D)
07. Sempre Alerta C4 e Da Bandit (prod. DJ King)
08. Pele Chocolate Jason Salles (prod. Ricky Dub)
09. What You Know About It? Braza (prod. Disco D)
10. Boom Bap C4 (prod. Disco D)
11. Nossa Sinfonia C4 e Rappin Hood (prod. Ricky Dub)
12. Play The Game Super Flá, Luana e C4 (prod. Disco D)
13. Deixa Rolar C4, Da Bandit e Vic (prod. DJ King)
14. Sem Stress C4 (prod. Visio)
15. Cidade de Deus C4, Aori e Nelboy (prod. Disco D)
16. Lei Da Vida Braza (prod. Disco D)
17. Gringo Louco Live MPC / Son do Braza (prod. Disco D)
18. Braza Bang Braza (prod. Disco D)
19. Gringo Louco Live MPC / Me Da Mr. Shock (prod. Disco D)
20. Cobra Cega Mr. Catra (prod. Disco D)
21. A Caminho da Guerra Fex, DG, Eazy Kaos, P. Rima, Erick 12, C4, B. Dog, Sooblime e Xandão (prod. Erick 12)
22. Maria Gasolina C4
23. Estalando Minha Gola C4 e DG
24. Time PRO P. Rima, DG e C4
25. Som da Rua (original) C4 (prod. DJ Cia)
Bônus: Senhorita (remix) Braza (prod. DJ Hum)


Blogger Braindead Spaceman said...

Best mix in years

4:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck up...........
very nice.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Hwen Rascale said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5:05 AM  
Blogger Hwen Rascale said...

Is there any chance you or someone could repost this please? I have lost my copy in a hard drive crash and the link from the website is down. This was one of my favourite mixes. RIP Dave.

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can someone re post the album up? the link doesn;t work anymore

12:15 AM  
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