Film: Squarepusher - Go Plastic (Videos)

A couple years ago Warp Records had a competition for music fans to create a video for any track of the (then) new album 'Go Plastic'. An album I liked alright, but wasn't feeling it right away, as I wanted Tom Jenkinson to continue on with his inpeccable shredding of breakbeat rhythms. So I slept on it for a couple months after it was released. Then one night my homeboy brought the cd over and was like "DUUUDE!! you gotta hear this track on the squarepusher album!" and I was all like "get the fuck out of my house, Im trying to watch america's next top model". actually i said , "okay". so he puts on this chopped up minimal tune called 'Exploding Psychology' and... I GOT IT.

Still my favorite tune from the album... here is the spectacular yet minimal visualization that won the competition.

Squarepusher - The Exploding Psychology
by Kaspar Daugaard & Stefan Mylleager

Created using custom code written by Kaspar. - Thanks Lasse

Also check out their realtime effects tool - The Effekt Visual System.

More Go Plastic Videos


Blogger Uripides said...


whas up homie! thanks for the shouts missed ya at the wedding. hope things are going well for ya!



7:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be fair 'The Exploding Psychology' was not made with the Effekt framework, but with custom code written by Kaspar. It's a nice thought though.

-- Lasse Nielsen

4:25 AM  
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