Music: Kanye West - New Workout Plan (Lil' Jon Remix)

Has anyone seen the video for the original version of this song? Its pretty funny... and filmed as an infomercial. Nice to see some creativity it today’s generic as hell blatant T&A hip hop videos...

Kanye West - New Workout Plan (Video)

Is Hype Williams still making videos?

Okay well, anyone who knows me knows I'm an old school booty bass fanatic and Crunk-a-holic. Well here is a tasty cut that was finally released. Kanye rinsed this at the Rock-A-Fella concert here in SF a while back. The crowd went nutz... Lil' Jon still runs the club . Well, at least in my club.

Kanye West - New Workout Plan (Lil' Jon Remix)

Actually, I would prefer this without Kanye's vocal on it. "...girl your breath is HARSH cover your mouth like you got SARS..." What!?? Stop it. Please.

Where my Ying Yang tape at?!?!


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