Music: The Flashbulb

Benn L. Jordan aka The Flashbulb has been making some of the best under appreciated IDM / Braindance music for a while now. Running the gamut from glitchy hip hop to ambient instrumentals to synthetic crystaline dnb style Braindance, Mr. Jordan is an extremely talented producer.

The Flashbulb - She's Moving Right Along Now, But I'm Not Going To Be Dramatic

There are no shortage of technical producers in the genre but only a few that keep it musical not just combining shredded beats and maniac effects. A lot of his work harkens back to IDMs golden age, where technology was infused with a helthy dose of pop and every other single genre. See old Aphex, Mu-Ziq and Squarepusher if you need further examples.

Visit his website for more tunes and download the free Lawn Funeral EP.



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