Film: Sin City by Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez

Here is a trailer for Sin City, the new film based on the graphic novels of the same name, by legendary comic book artist Frank Miller. Robert Rodriguez co-directs, unfortunately? I haven't liked anything he has done since his $7,000 original debut "El Mariachi". This looks intriguing however, and it looks like the style stays true to the novels. I am eager to see it.

The Trailer


Blogger eric said...

i dunno bro. i mean i like the fact that it's mostly black and white, and highly stylized, just like the comics. but these guys are just too small and too hollywood lookin for the version of sin city i always had in my head. i mean mickey rourke as marv? i always imagined henry rollins or some other huge tall guy as marv. and elijah wood as kevin? it's too young, too pretty. we'll see man.

5:20 PM  
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