Music: Christina Milian / Kelis / Nina Sky

Okay... this is hot.

Christina Milian - I Can Be That Woman

Think filtered French funk meets Kylie's sugar coated pop vocabulary.

But I have 2 PROBLEMS... 1) The beat isn't BANGIN' BANGIN' and 2) The godamn bridges... AAaaaaah!!! ENOUGH!


It is very rare that I don't hear a bridge in a pop song that doesn't make me cringe. Is it because I have pounded my brain with that simplified synthetic song structure, for so long...

NAAAAaaah.... i am hard pressed to think of any bridge i have liked recently... ummm... let me think.... uhhh... yep. none. bridges rarely work for me and they are all over pop music.

See Kelis' Dallas Austin produced joint "Keep it Down" for another example. That shit is hard with a heavy badunkadunk beat and Rick Ruben inspired guitar stabs... then it drops into a wack ass bridge.

So if pop vocals don't bother you, this is a dope jam... till the bridge comes in and... ahhhh gawd damit... Anyway, I imagine this track will be all over the radio soon as its the only other stand out on the new album besides Dip it Low the dancehall flavored lead, which is alright... but overproduced and not nearly as effective as the Move Your Body (Coolie Dance Riddim) (bridge free) hit from Nina Sky.


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