Film: House of Flying Daggers by Zhang Yimou / Christopher Doyle

Well Zhang Yimou's latest film is done filming and it is suposedly being released in the US and Japan later this year... Zhang also directed the recently released Jet Li flick Hero, which everybody seems to dig and Miramax took its sweet ass time in releasing (you could buy the dvd from Hong Kong over a year ago). So like Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer) Zhang has jumped ship to Sony.

As far as Hero goes, I wasn't really moved by the story like I was with Crouching Tiger. However, the cinematography and production design was absolutely fantastic and gorgeous.

The cinematographer was Christopher Doyle who has done most of Wong Kar Wai's films including In the Mood for Love and the forthcoming 2046.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

House of Flying Daggers stars Takeshi Kaneshiro from Infernal Affairs, Andy Lau from Chung King Express, and Zhang Ziyi from... uhhh... my dreams.


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